How Laptops Have Evolved To Become The Device Of Choice For Most Users


The way we use computers or laptops has changed significantly over the last 30 or so years, and with the advent of the smartphone and 5G connections, our most popular devices are now more mobile than ever. Indeed, much of today’s tech couldn’t be further away from the way we used to work with desktop towers and fixed dial-up phone lines.

However, with more and more of our computing services going mobile-based, the need for faster, more powerful handhelds and portables has become clear.

In truth, the range of available mobile tech these days is almost bewildering (everything from smartphones to watches and other wearables). Yet, one still reigns supreme in terms of power and usability of all our mobile gadgets–namely, the traditional laptop.

Changing technologies and how they’ve improved laptops

Advances in screen tech, processors, and chips have seen a gradual but continual slimming down of laptops over recent years, with a glut of affordable, small-form, and impossibly light machines coming to market.

Not only are these devices significantly more powerful than their predecessors, but they are also, in many cases, able to rival even traditional desktops in terms of processing speed and RAM. Couple this with improving battery life and better-quality cases and keyboards, and it’s easy to see why laptops are making such a resurgence in popularity.

Moreover, the improvements show no sign of slowing. Cutting-edge companies like have always been at the forefront of laptop development and are now producing models that have started adopting tech more commonly seen in handhelds – for example, touchscreens. With so much innovation happening in laptop production, the future for our favorite portable device looks assured.

The future of laptops

There’s little doubt the future of computing lies with mobile devices and connectivity,so the demand for laptops will surely only increase in the coming years. However, in terms of likely developments which might be on the immediate horizon, below are a few predictions:

Form size will continue to shrink: Laptops will always be limited to a degree by the fact that they have to feature a reasonably sized keyboard to be useable – but that doesn’t mean the rest of the machine won’t continue to shrink. This trend is already well underway and, as tech continues to advance, expect even thinner models in the future.

Dual-screen laptops: We already see dual-screen phones appearing on phones, and similar advances are being made with laptops. After all, a dual-screen has the potential to offer huge added functionality to a device.

All-day battery life: The most common bugbear of all our mobile devices is battery life,yetimprovements in battery tech have been woefully slow. However, with manufacturers now looking to reduce the drain their processors make on batteries, we may finally be nearing the moment when the claims of all-day battery life become a reality.

How 5G could be a game-changer: Could we see the development of laptops with in-built 5G connections in the future? It seems very possible since this is the way every other side of mobile tech is going. Moreover, by pairing 5G connections with cloud computing services, a laptop could potentially become little more than a keyboard and a screen – a mere interface with the storage and processing requirements performed by remote machines.

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