Generally referred to as Google, is a minor company of the American multinational Alphabet Inc., specialized in electronic, computer, and Internet-related goods and amenities.

Its leading product, which stands the same name as the company, is the most popular search engine that exists. Whose function is to provide users with access to lists of web pages and references of different types to facilitate their journey through the vast world of the Internet.

Google LLC also offers a series of online applications ranging from email ( Gmail ), video playback ( YouTube ), and search for postal addresses on a world map ( Google  Earth and Google  Maps ). Even an Internet browser ( Google Chrome ) and a social network ( Google+ ), among many others.

However, the Google search engine is the most visited page globally, translating into serving more than 1 billion search requests every day and requiring a business presence on almost the entire planet.

Google has often been criticized for intellectual property violations and its collaboration with government programs for global citizenship monitoring (as revealed in 2013-2015) by the United States and its related nations.

Simultaneously, the business has remained accused of cooperating with content censorship in countries with a totalitarian. Or dictatorial regime to gain commercial space in their populations.

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When was Google Founded?

The organizers of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who in 1996 were pursuing graduate revisions at Stanford University. Where they produced their first kind of the famous search engine, whose original name was BackRub.

The succeeding year they decided to give a new name it [Google], playing with the mathematical term “gúgol” (equivalent to 10100), given the enormous amount of information on the Internet that their platform had to contract through.

The tycoons had a closet full of servers (about 80 processors) and two HP brand routers. Their accomplishment was such that in 2000 they were already at the forefront of the area. And launched their online advertising system (Google AdWords) and their search bar or[ Google] Bar.
Since then, the company has only grown and diversified.

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How does Google Work?How does Google Work?

From when the term is entered in the search box until the results remain obtained, a process that generally takes no more than a couple of seconds, the following methods take place in the [Google]search engine:

Crawling and Indexing.

The first stage of the search consists of reviewing the enormous number of web pages that compare the presence of the keyword provided by the user with their indexes.

Algorithms and Formulas.

Once the results are selected, they allow ordering and ranking the results based on the user’s terms. This algorithm is skill in suggesting searches, offering similar products. And even correcting users if they suspect an error in the keyword typing.

Elimination of SPAM.

Since many results will be from unsafe, illegal, or irrelevant sites, [Google] applies specialized filters that allow you to get rid of inconvenient products and focus your search on the most credible information.

What is Google+?

Google+, Google plus, or G + is the social network offer by Google Inc. Whose appearance took place in 2011, in social networks’ full effervescence. It is the third social network with the most users globally. Not so much because it is popular, which is not so popular. But because of its interaction with[ Google] User Accounts and especially with the YouTube videos page.

Google+ aspires to integrate various services in the same social network. Circles of friends and acquaintances, virtual chats with them in real-time ( Hangouts ), Interests. And other forms of community. It is assume to be the way to compete with Facebook, the most widely used social network globally.

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