Founded in 2007, Salvage Data Recovery is an established leader in data recovery services. We provide advanced SALVAGEDATA Recovery services for any type of data loss emergency: RAID Server Data Recovery, NAS Data Recovery, and Windows Hard Drive Data Recovery. Our team of data recovery service specialists are ready to handle your emergency today, 24/7/365! Advanced data recovery and exploratory services are available as well as cleanroom hardware repair. In most cases, hardware and media can be repaired to function just as good if not better than when the device was first purchased.

Salvage Data Recovery- Standard Services

Hard Drive Recovery Services

Welcome to our hard drive recovery service! Also, we like to make sure that we are able to get your data back from your damaged hard drive safely and securely.

We offer a full range of hard drive recovery services for both laptops and desktops. Our initial evaluation is FREE, with no obligation. The cost of recovery depends on the severity of damage to your hard drive. We’ll be happy to provide you with an honest and up-front price quote with no hidden fees or gimmicks.

Solid State Disk (SSD) Recovery

Solid state disks use flash memory to save or store data. These disks have no moving parts and therefore are more resistant to physical shock than traditional hard disk drives. Furthermore, the main difference between the two types of disks is that a solid state disk uses flash memory instead of spinning platters to store data. Flash memory is non-volatile, meaning it doesn’t need the power to retain information. Besides, SSDs are faster than hard drives because they have no moving parts, so they can access information much faster.

When you need SSD recovery or solid state disk recovery, Data Recovery Group can help. Our experts will get your data back – quickly and efficiently!

RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery is anything but simple, especially when multiple drives have failed at once. Yet these systems are widely used because they’re so reliable.”Redundant Array of Independent Disks” means they’re made up of multiple disks that work together to provide high levels of performance and fault tolerance (the ability to keep operating despite hardware failures). But even RAIDs aren’t invulnerable.

RAID recovery is a highly specialized and precise process, but the good news is that it is possible to recover all of your data from a failed RAID array.

USB Flash Recovery

USB flash memory is a very convenient storage device for most people to store and transfer data. It is so popular that you can see it almost everywhere, including offices, homes, internet cafes and more. After using for a long time, your USB drive may get damaged. What if you lose some precious data in the USB flash drive? Don’t worry! However, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to recover deleted or lost files from your USB flash drive easily. This program can also work on several other data loss situations like formatted drive, crashed computer and drive for unknown reasons.

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