Light sleepers are the people who normally have difficulty sleeping at night. This could be due to a sleeping disorder or this is just who they are naturally. Light sleepers are the type of sleepers who wake up easily from sleep even by just a blowing wind outside the house, the partner going to the washrooms, or even just a slight bark of the dog.

How you sleep at night mostly is because of the day you had. Also, the type of mattress you get to sleep on at night is a determining factor. Thus, to get a peaceful sleep, you need to get the best mattress brands.

A mattress really determines how your nights will be. For light sleepers, this problem can easily go away through the type of mattress you invest in. Light sleepers normally prefer to sleep alone because they do not like the disturbance of other people during the night. Or if they sleep with other people, then they tend to sleep with noise-canceling headphones to improve sleep.

When light sleepers are shopping for mattresses, there are three things that they ought to consider;


A soft sleeper never has a problem landing on the mattress. Hence the mattress should be soft on the upper side. During their manufacture, mattress brands normally don’t use a lot of materials. Light sleepers should normally choose a mattress with a firmness lower by 5.0 than what they actually need. For a light sleeper, the firmness of the mattress does not always matter. This is because they don’t sleep heavily on the bed. And they equally don’t feel those materials used to make the mattress.

Memory Foam of the Best Mattress Brands

Light sleepers

Most mattresses are built with memory foam. That is material known for its slow response to pressure and the touch of hugs that you get to feel when sleeping at night. Memory foam provides a great relief of pressure to sensitive spots of the body like the shoulder, lower back, and also hips.

The material straps equally absorb heat. Companies are upgrading the materials in their mattresses by adding cooling agents to the memory foams. Memory foams are best for light sleepers and side sleepers. The best mattress has foam layers include nectar, loom, and sleep, Layla among others.

The following are some of the mattresses recommended by the best mattress brands for light sleepers.


This type of mattress has three layers of foam. They keep the motion transfer to a bare minimum. There is also a special gel. This gel is in the foam layers to ensure that there are different levels of temperature that will prevent you from waking up in case of any movements. The main aim of the design of this mattress is to provide deep hugs to your pressure points. This is to prevent you from feeling the movement of your partner at night.


Light sleepers

This type of mattress is the pressure relief mattress. This brand of mattress has copper, which is a known heat conductor. This is one of the best mattress brands because it disperses heat through the mattress evenly. It is so that sweat doesn’t build up around your body. Layla has two sides. This means that you get to try the two different foams and feel the one you prefer to go home with.

There is the soft and deeper hug or you choose to go with the former and gentle cradle. The firmer side of the Layla mattress should hold your body closer to the surface, while still cradling the pressure points of your body. This type of mattress has a special type of gel that makes the cover cool to touch and feel. Another advantage of this mattress is that the cover is removable. Hence, you can wash it at any time.


Casper’s foam of construction for this mattress comes in every different size and shapes to different individuals. This mattress also favors different sleeping positions. This foam allows you to sleep in different positions without waking up to a painful body in the morning. Best mattress brands ensure that such foam is in a way that contains a moderate amount of bounce. Hence, the motion transfer should be minimal. The partner’s movement during the night or getting into bed later at night should not affect the light sleeper.

Loom and Leaf

This is a luxury mattress. The look and feel is kind of a mattress. It especially has sustainable bio-based oils and an organic bottom. The cover prevents any motion of substance during the night. Loom and leaf are some of the best mattress brands. Its features tend to be more updated than the rest of the mattresses for light sleepers. The foam and added oils also help keep you cool through the night.

Final Thoughts

If you are a light sleeper and looking to improve your sleep, then definitely you should go for the above best mattress brands and recommendations. A good night of sleep is irreplaceable, so make sure not to draw any punches. Investing in a good mattress can be the turning point for a good productive day after all.

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