The 15 Types of Marketing Automation You Need to Know

The 15 Types of Marketing Automation You Need to Know

Marketing Automation

Very well. You probably already have your digital marketing strategy almost defined. You have studied your target audience in-depth, you have analyzed your current situation, and you already know where you want to go. To achieve these objectives, you have certainly designed a large number of actions and processes that seek to turn anyone who comes into contact with your company or brand into a lead and, later, a customer, right? Perhaps you are looking to start retargeting people who visit your website or start gaining more subscribers to your newsletter. Moreover, learn more about How to find micro influencers.

These processes can consume a large amount of your team’s time if we have to do them manually. Fortunately, marketing automation has arrived to save your life.

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What is a Marketing Automation

Marketing automation or marketing automation tools help you unify marketing and sales efforts with simple processes, avoid repetitive tasks, and achieve a higher conversion rate.

It is a workflow in which a series of actions are triggered provisional on your raised conditions. For example, you could create a series of emails sent based on the contact activity with each of them so that you get better Content, more personalized, and investing less effort along the way.

This type of software has become increasingly common, and the possibilities it offers are unlimited. You will always create a workflow that adapts to your audience and your company to achieve the specific objects you have set for yourself.

It allows you to connect all the online media of your business to offer the best experience to leads by automating:

This article shows you 15 examples of automation that you can easily incorporate into your marketing strategy today or use for inspiration to create your custom flows.

Types and Examples of Automation

1. Welcome to Subscribers

Undoubtedly one of the first actions you have developed or will create is attracting leads or potential customers. For example, you can configure a subscription form to your content newsletter within your website. Automation always sends an excellent welcome email that makes that user feel loved and make that first good impression.

In it, you can present your website, offer him some content of interest (such as a guide or an ebook), recommend products from your online store, give him a discount so that he ends up buying, and much more!

2. Abandoned Cart

With this type of automation, you will recover those users who stood lost in the purchase process. The first object you will need is to monitor your online store’s pages through a tracking code. Once you collect this information, you can create an automation that sends an email to those who further items to their shopping cart but did not finish the payment process.

Some tips for creating abandoned cart automation:

3. Request an Assessment or Review

There is no better sales pitch than the experience of your satisfied customers. We know that the process of requesting testimonials or reviews can be time-consuming, and therefore we recommend that you think about creating automation for it. Use this type to send an email to your list of clients requesting a rating and take the opportunity to leave criticism of your business on Facebook, Google, or TripAdvisor.

Eye! You have to have your list of clients or buyers well updated and up to date since it will trigger the following actions. Also, give them enough time to respond to you and control those who respond and those who do not. It will help you to have a database of your “referrals” and to be able to do actions with those more active users in the future.

4. Follow up on Your Leads

Indeed you have ever created a campaign focused on lead generation, which brought you a large number of users to your database, but from which you have not got the performance you expected. Maybe those records need “a little loving.”

With the follow-up or lead nurturing automation, you will be able to offer your tips Content of interest to get to know your company and resolve any questions they have about your services or products. And finally, get them to approach the end of the conversion funnel so that the sales team to contact them.

Note that:

5. Tracking your Website Visitors

Can you imagine being able to send Content to your leads based on your website’s pages they have visited? It is possible with marketing automation software.

Suppose you have correctly configured the tracking and conversion pixels on your website. In that case, you can create a workflow that identifies if the user has entered a specific page and, in this way, send them a super email related to it to help them the next step.

6. Get Higher% of Clicks

Forget about sending promotions to your database and sitting around waiting for them to work. If you use automation, you will send different Content to users depending on whether they have clicked on the promotion you sent them.

You can filter users between Clicks and No Clicks to send other promotions or make a reminder of your special offer.

7. Facebook Ad Retargeting

With automation, it is also possible to connect Facebook Ads and your email marketing actions. Create your contact list, send them your campaign, and include or remove them from the personalized audience you are using in your Facebook campaign.

It will allow you to show more relevant ads for those users who have not bought or even sell complementary products to those who are already customers of your company.

Eye! It would be superlative if you had a tool that allows you to connect Facebook Ads as Benchmark Automations PRO.

8. Countdown to a Webinar

You have created the perfect webinar to attract potential clients. And obviously, you want the participation rate to be as high as possible. The “countdown” or countdown automation will allow you to obtain a broader audience in your online seminars.

With them, you can create a series of emails sent in the days before your webinar, reminding the user that they are registered, all the event details, and facilitating access.

You can also take the opportunity to introduce your company and offer valuable Content to registered users both before and after the seminar.

9. Database Cleaning

We often think that by having a more extensive database, sales will increase, but in many cases, not all the leads we have are interested in our services or products. One of the essential automation is the one that helps you to clean your lists of “cold” users.

Some options can be:

10. Personalization of Newsletters

If you have your contact lists well segmented, you can know your leads are looking for more in-depth. Create different segments to send specific Content to each of them.

By branching into automation, you can divide your audience and send them what they are most interested in depending on their actions or the links they visit within your web page.

11. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Your client has bought you a product or service, and you have sent him his confirmation, but what now? One of the most active ways to increase the average purchase ticket is through complementary product recommendation strategies (up-selling / cross-selling).

With automation, you will create email flows recommending other useful products to reach the contacts who have already purchased the “X” product. If you have a service in your case, you can also offer a special offer to upgrade and buy a higher plan.

12. Automatically Segment a Database

One of the things that we have already mentioned several times throughout this article is the need to have your contact lists well segmented. Automation software helps you connect your marketing actions with your CRM and synchronize your leads.

Segment the new contacts that come to you based on the landing page where they have registered, the date, the email they clicked on. You have a lot of possibilities at your disposal! It will help to get the most appropriate information and promotions to each of the users.

13. Automate Contact with Influencers

If you want to carry out a marketing strategy with influencers, you should know that one of the parts where we must invest more time is in individual contact.

With monitoring automation and a list of quality influencers, you will control those who enter to see the emails or those who click on the links to know who is genuinely interested and not remaining a minute of your time.

Besides, by automating the emails, you can have the action approach protocol established with the influencer and request the data that you need throughout the process without having to do it manually.

14. Sending Downloadable Content

You have great content that you want to promote to attract more leads to your database. With an autoresponder, you may think that you have everything solved, but an act of this type should not stop there. Please take the opportunity to ask them what they think of the Content or send them other exciting materials that are related.

With automation to create an email flow that tracks contacts, you will increase your brand or company’s recognition and offer the user a much more personalized experience.

15. Loyalty Emails

Your customers are the core of your company, and you must take good care of them. Another use of marketing automation is loyalty emails that allow you to take care of the customer and give them reasons to continue trusting your company.

The first thing is to have your most loyal customers located on a list. Afterward, the type of emails and their Content will depend a lot on your business’s nature, but for example, you can prepare a follow-up to send them on their birthday or send them exclusive Content every month.

Marketing Automation Tools

You are looking forward to automating. We know. So that you can start containing all the examples of marketing automation that we have talked about in this article, we leave you a compilation of some of the best tools and software to do so:


A complete and powerful marketing tool allows you to have your forms, landing pages, email campaigns, and automation in one place, with a support team in your language to answer any questions that may arise.


However, it has little flexibility when it comes to designing the elements.


Its support is only in English.


We are focused on large companies.

Get Started with Marketing Automation

Funnels ready. Well thought out strategy. Your mind creating thousands of possible combinations from these examples.

Now you have everything ready to start applying this knowledge to your digital marketing strategy. Look at the marketing automation options we offer at Benchmark. You can test the tool with a free account.


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