Domain authority is a concept used in SEO to determine how popular this website is, measured by the number and quality of the links pointing to it.

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What is Domain Authority?

Therefore, a domain with a lot of authority will have a better chance of reaching the first page of Google with the keywords it competes using. Since it will remain interpreted as real – and of more value than the rest – the information contained in that URL.

In summary, and seen from a practical point of view, the number of links that a domain receives will determine its authority.

I have to tell you that there are many other factors involved in the transfer of authority. And some of them we will see later. But if you want to know how to improve this aspect of your website’s SEO, I recommend this article where I talk about SEO off-page – or positioning factors external to your website – and link building strategies to optimize it.

Advantages of Having a high Domain AUTHORITY?

We consume already mentioned some of the advantages of having an authoritative domain in SEO terms. Still, we will go into more detail on all the benefits you will get from getting it.

  • It will improve your visibility in Google by positioning your articles faster and by more keywords.
  • Google will increase the crawl budget of your website. In other words, the frequency with which it starts to analyze your website will increase because it will consider you more relevant and that it must analyze it more often so as not to miss any of your news.
  • It will improve your brand’s authority and, with it, the image you transfer to your customers. Since if they discover you through links on websites they trust, they will automatically identify you as a company that can be trusted.

How to know the Authority of your Domain?

Nobody knows the exact method by which Google determines what authority it assigns to your Domain. Even Google itself doesn’t fully understand it since they introduced machine learning technology into its algorithm, which is continually evolving automatically.

But there is a simplified way to know the authority of your Domain through SEO tools. These have developed their own formulas to calculate it and derive all of them from the formula that the MOZ company launched in the beginning with its famous DA (Domain Authority) metric.

A handy tool is the MOZ bar, which is nothing more than a Google Chrome extension that tells you the domain and page authority of the URL where you are. And best of all, it’s free.

Many other tools have developed their algorithms to calculate this metric, such as Ahrefs with its DR (Domain Rate) and UR (URL Rate) or Majestic with a different approach with its TF (Trust Flow) and CF (Citation Flow) metrics.

We will not detail each one of them, but you must bear in mind that they all take into account many factors for their calculation. They are offering us in one way or another the same information.

“Indicating how competitive a domain is in search results, measured by its ability to appear above other domains in the SERPs for the keywords for which it competes.”

Therefore, if your competition surpasses you in the mentioned metrics, you will be at a disadvantage to catch it in the SERPs. But do not despair, in the following points I will show you how to overcome them.

Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority

As its name suggests, the page authority will only measure the source of this URL individually. Taking into account the same factors as for its global calculation but isolated to that specific case.

How to Improve Domain Authority

To improve your website’s authority, you have to work to get other authoritative domains to link to yours.

But not only that, you must make sure that these links are of quality. And follow a strategy to build a natural link profile. Avoiding Google penalizing you for trying to manipulate the SERPs by creating links artificially.

Yes, you heard, right. The building is against Google’s quality standards, so if you don’t do it carefully, you risk a penalty.

We will not go into additional detail because we have already analyzed the keys to follow when doing link building in other articles.

Finally, you have to optimize your website’s internal linking or interlinking to distribute all this authority through your website. What is known as “link juice” or link juice?

Another word that SEOs have not invented represents how a website’s authority remains distributed among all its URLs. We will see it in detail in other articles.

By following these tips – which seem simple when you go over them in a few paragraphs but takes a lot of work. You’ll be on the right track to improve your domain authority.

But you must not forget that this is only part of SEO. And that you must work on the internal positioning factors on your website ( SEO on-page ) so that all the work bears fruit.


With this, we have to get hold of the end of the article. I hope it has cleared your doubts about this aspect of SEO. And that you can pull this thread to understand everything better than this specialty entails.

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