Business is a competitive force, and people are fighting it in multiple revolutions. One of the most influential areas is security operations, where companies compete for the best service. Security operations center (SOC) teams are responsible for monitoring, detecting, and reacting to security breaches to protect company assets and information. The best part about this position is that you have tremendous freedom, flexibility, and control over your schedule and business objectives. In a recent survey, the average response time for handling a security incident when it happens is days, hours, or nanoseconds. To sum up, how important this area is, we can say that innovation is needed as soon as possible for you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Importance of SOCaaS

The need for cloud-based SOC assessment is that it is an effective way of outsourcing to a company willing to handle all of your security needs. Outsourcing gives you more control over the resources you are spending since you are paying a third party to do it. You also avoid spending money on hardware, software, and maintenance. Cloud-based companies that offer this service also have experienced professionals with years of experience in SOC management. The security skills gap is rapidly filling up, and companies with a SOCaaS are much better equipped to handle the job.

Reasons for outsourcing SOC

1. Sufficient HR staff

The security operations center is a place where there is a very high level of stress, and people who are adept at handling that stress are hard to find. Finding candidates with the necessary technical expertise, background, and leadership experience can be difficult.

2. Skill gap

There is a severe skill gap regarding security operations center personnel in technical areas such as network analysis, intrusion detection, malware analysis, and more. The problem is that the time frame for filling each position takes much longer than it should, so you will have to wait longer before your SOC can get settled up and running correctly.

3. Traditional alternatives

The traditional alternatives to hiring and managing your SOC are hazardous. You are essentially gambling with enterprise security because if you cannot secure it in the short term, then there could be something wrong with your security plan in general.

4. Traditional weaknesses

Traditionally companies look for a vendor for a SOC, but this is not satisfactory as it can be very costly and time-consuming. You lose control over the allocated resources and budget allocations, which makes them ineffective in their role.

5. Data security

Your data security is one of the main factors ensuring that your company maintains high confidence levels from its customers, business partners, and investors. A large number of data breaches have taken place because the security of company data was compromised.

6. Enables higher efficiency owing to increased visibility worldwide

Cloud-based security operations center providers enable you to have a panoramic view of the whole world, including all locations with access to the internet. This helps you detect and prevent your company’s assets from being compromised by hackers.

7. Raises the productivity of businesses

The overall productivity of your business is greatly improved because you can detect threats before they happen. Low productivity is a direct result of an insecure workplace and a lack of qualified personnel. You will also be able to keep others from leaving because you will be able to provide them with a safe workplace and security services.

8. Enhanced reputation, higher revenues, and reduced risk

You will be able to improve the importance of your business, get more customers and increase your income by outsourcing security operations center services. Your risk of being targeted by hackers and cybercriminals will go down significantly.

9. Decreased spending on hardware

A security operations center needs a massive budget for hardware costs which would be much better off spent in other areas such as research and development or R&D so that you can stay innovative in an evolving world. You can also avoid spending money on hardware, maintenance, and recurring expenses.

10. Keeps information confidential

Since you are dealing with a third party, the information you have given them is confidential, and they will not be allowed to pass it on to anyone else without the consent of the owner. This prevents other parties from gaining access to your data and protects it from being stolen or damaged.

The security operations center is an essential department when we consider businesses, and it has become more than just keeping your data protected from hackers. It has become crucial for you to use it as a marketing and financial weapon for the company. The security operations center is a growing trend, and more companies are outsourcing their security and SOC services to third parties. The SOC Assessment and advisory services are becoming more critical for the company that you are considering outsourcing.

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