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Well, it’s here: WhatsApp Web is now a reality. After a long time of growing clamor from users and the last month full of rumors, the instant messaging app has launched its web version.

After such a long time of waiting, of course, the launch has received almost as much praise as criticism. At Tecnoxplora, we have tested the WhatsApp Web, and we have found advantages and disadvantages. They are as follows

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1. You can Manage WhatsApp from your Computer.

The most obvious advantage. If there were requests for WhatsApp Web to arrive, they came, beyond all, from altogether those sitting in front of the computer at certain times of the day (especially throughout business hours). For them, alternating the laptop and the mobile would be very impractical if something came to WhatsApp.

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2. The Conversations are Synchronized.

Contrary to what happens -for example- with the Mac Messages program, the new WhatsApp Web synchronizes all existing conversations on both the computer and the mobile. So you will not miss absolutely anything.

3. You can do without other Applications.

If you have several communication channels daily, depending on whether you are on the computer or mobile or depending on the environment (work, friends), you likely use several platforms. WhatsApp to talk with friends and colleagues on the mobile Facebook Messenger to chat with friends on the computer, Google Talk, speak with colleagues on the laptop. However, WhatsApp joins the two supports (mobile and computer), but you do not have the conversations scattered by synchronizing everything. Be careful. This fact can take some of the markets out of Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Pidgin, and others.

4. You can Download the Photos.

Nor does it seem like the most significant advantage in the history of benefits, but the truth is that having WhatsApp Web allows you to take the images that come to you via WhatsApp and download them to your computer’s hard drive.

5. The Login is Fast.

Identifying yourself via the Web is not as simple as typing the URL and entering your phone number. However, logging in is more comfortable than, for example, remembering a password. To access WhatsApp Web, you have to go to the app on your smartphone and, in the menu, select ‘WhatsApp Web.’ If you have the Web open, the mobile app will activate the camera and ask you to focus on the QR code that appears on the computer. Once scanned, it will upload all your conversations. It is not the fastest thing in history, but it cannot be complicated either.


1. Not Available for iPhone.

In a rarely explainable way, WhatsApp Web is not available to iPhone users, who are not a few, precisely. We imagine that it will eventually arrive, but Android users can only use android users. Besides, the only browser that supports it is Chrome. Don’t they seem like two very critical disadvantages?

2. You have to have a Mobile Happening.

As we said before, conversations are synchronized, yes, but that has a price: you will have to have your mobile always on, since, as you will remember, WhatsApp Web can only remain to make active from the phone itself if you have no battery in your mobile and don’t have a charger left with the desire.

3. You Cannot Send Videos.

Another point against, depending on the type of user you are. If you usually send videos by WhatsApp, with WhatsApp Web, you will not be able to do it. Yes, you can send photos, although you will not know when they arrive or when the other person has seen them—another point that seems easily rectifiable and, therefore, open to criticism.

4. Notifications on Two Sites.

Another bad thing: as long as you have the mobile with sound (because you want other notifications to reach you), every time you receive a message, you will hear them in two places: the computer and your mobile.

5. Groups will Write more.

Ok, this is not a very scientific disadvantage to say, but indeed it is the one that you will like the least: the downside of having WhatsApp on your computer, yes, you are going to type faster. Suppose you remain to present overwhelmed by that group of your friends in which a message arrives every little bit. Can you imagine how the number of messages will increase if the group members are entirely in front of a computer and armed with a keyboard?

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Review Five Advantages and Disadvantages of the New WhatsApp Web.

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