What You Should Know About The Apps On Your Phone?


Apps: An app (application) is like a shortcut that allows you to access a program directly from your phone very quickly. When you have an app, you just press one button and you are on your Facebook account, in your bank account, playing your favorite game, or watching YouTube videos.

Apps Come With Your Phone

When we buy new smartphones and Android phones they come with some apps already downloaded. The phone you buy will have a basic set of apps that are normally used with the tools in your phone. For example, an iPhone is going to have Apple apps. Your phone will have an app to operate the camera, and an app to control the photo editor program. There will be an app for your email, messages, and internet browser. This should tell you that quality apps are nothing to be afraid of. They are safe and they make your life easier. If your bank is asking you to use one, and government programs are offered on apps, it stands to reason they are a good thing. Usually, they are a good thing.

When We Add Our Own

Only about 3% of the people in the UK leave their phones as they are and never add an app. The rest of us admit, we normally add anywhere from 11 to 20 apps to our phones. We will find apps all the time that we think are cool. There is nothing wrong with that.

An app that is gaining popularity in the UK is the Lottoland app. Lottoland is an online casino based in Gibraltar. As an offshore company, Lottoland offers betting on the results of more than 30 lotteries including the Irish Lottery, EuroMillions, Powerball, and Lotto X 5, all of which can be played in the UK. They are fully licensed and insured. They have earned a position in Guinness World Records for the largest online gambling payout (€90,000,000). Christina, the winner of this prize, placed her bet via the Lottoland app. This is an example of a safe app that is easy to use.

Check Your Existing Apps

The problem with our apps is they take up space and they hold information. Sometimes we download an app and when we use it, we realize it was not what we thought it was. Or, we get tired of using it and simply stop using it. If you no longer use or need an app, remove it from your phone.

 Android users can review permissions for individual apps by going to:

Both Android and iPhone let you adjust or totally turn off their GPS location features within settings. With an iPhone, you can see which apps access location and turn each one on or off.

5G – Bringing App-Explosion

We have been waiting for the 5G experience. People have put off buying new phones. They are fully expecting the phones available to them in 2021 and the fully functioning 5G experience will be beyond anything we have experienced before. With that, new apps have been in the making and the end of 2021 will see many of them being released. The speed and graphics are going to make the app experience better than it has ever been before. App users are expected to download about 10 new apps.

Filling Up Every Minute

There has been a trend building over the past few years that reached an all-time high in 2020. In the first half of 2020 consumers (worldwide) downloaded somewhere in the area of 4 billion apps. This is because we are becoming accustomed to having our phones in our hands and doing something at every moment. We are on our apps while in line at the grocery store and delivery app case studies. Besides, we are on apps while waiting for the doctor to come in. We are even using apps when we are at a stoplight. Of the 4 billion apps we downloaded, 21% were organic, and 15% were paid.

We Want It Now And We Want It Easy

We have become people who want everything to be very easy for us. We do not want to put any effort into the new apps. Sometimes, even downloading them is too much trouble. Smart marketing experts recognize that. As we get close to the 5G super-phone experience, we will see advertising that will give us more options. We will see playable ads and instant ads that let us play along with the ads. It will be like a mini, test run of what we can expect from the app. It gives you enough of the app to feel the experience and the companies hope that will be enough to encourage you to download them.

As we push ahead into 2021 and 2022, we can see it is going to be an exciting time for the phone, app, and computer industry. Consumers are holding on. We are all ready to see what the next year will bring into our lives.


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