Android Q Screen Recorder

It is possible to record the screen on Android since time immemorial, but unless you want to use ADB or install specialized applications, the operating system still did not allow it from the factory: screenshots, yes; video recording, no. The first beta of Android Q has a small video recorder, and we hope that it will still be there in the ultimate version.

Don’t expect such a complete solution as AZ Video Recorder. Still, Android Q’s hidden screen recorder has everything you need most of the time, such as showing screen touches, recording audio through the microphone, or pausing and resuming recording. Later.

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Activate the Function

When we say that this screen recorder is semi-hidden, we are not lying, but you do not need root or ADB. What you do need is to activate the developer options. The process has not changed since Jelly Bean and consists of tapping the build number seven times. On Android Q, this remains found in Settings – Device Information.

The Best Apps to Record the Screen on Android

The options for developers are in Android Q in the System section of the settings, and you will have to expand the advanced settings to access them. And within the options for developers, you play marks functions (translation somewhat regular flags feature ) and activate settings_screenrecord_long_press.

Ready to Record

These experimental functions have no explanation, but the way to start a screen recording is like a screenshot: with a long press of the power button. The difference is that you will have to do a long press on the screenshot as well, which will open the small recording box.

This window is quite ugly, and the text will barely fit inside it, but you have two options available. Record Voiceover allows your voice to be recorded during recording, while Show touches add call signs each time there is a touch on the screen. When you’re ready to start, tap Start recording.

First of all, you remain told that the system’s UI will begin to capture everything that appears on the screen (if you don’t want it to come out again, check the box). Otherwise, you will not receive any further instructions apart from a permanent notification. From the information, you can pause, resume, cancel, and stop the recording at any time.

When you finish recording, the result remains shown in a notification from which you can share the recording with other applications or delete it from your mobile. By tapping on it, it will play in the default video player.

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