What is Skype

There is no uncertainty that  Skype is one of the best and most popular VoIP applications globally,  perhaps even the best. And this is not the result of fashions or coincidences, but thanks to its developers’ constant work for providing us with a product of the highest quality and excellent characteristics.

Although Skype began its career in the hands of a Danish engineer named Friis and a Swedish engineer named Zennström. Both with extensive experience in creating P2P-based software such as Kazaa,  the truth is that Skype now belongs to Microsoft. Despite the angry protests of a particular group of users who sensed that the application would lose its essence or part of its qualities in this sale,  the truth is that Skype has not stopped improving.  This article will find much information about using it and getting the best out of it.

Skype has to turn into, in recent years, one of the most used tools to replace expensive conventional telephone communications. Since it allows various users to establish a voice conversation in real-time through a simple Internet connection.

Although the fundamental characteristic of Skype resides in the possibility of working with voice signals using the IP protocol, the truth is that the application offers various functionalities, such as sending instant text messages.

Skype remains a  Voice Over IP application that offers us the possibility of connecting by chat, voice, or video call, completely free of charge, with individuals or companies in any part of the world where they are, as long as they are a registered user of Skype services.

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How does Skype Work?

Skype was developed in 2003 by the creators of Kazaa. It uses P2P technology, the same as popular download managers such as Ares or eMule, which allows you to achieve the flexibility, sound quality, and fluidity that Skype enjoys.

Skype application uses an Internet protocol of the voice over IP type, also called VoIP or VoIP, making voice signals to remain transformed into digital packets sent through the Internet.

Now the case of Skype, the application uses an exclusive protocol. And even though it can remain used in place of free by its users, they do not have the authorizations to modify the program. Since both its protocol and software development code are closed. Other OpenSource type software allows full parameterization, such as Ekiga, OpenWengo.

Despite keeping its code secure, Skype is one of the most widely used voice communication tools over the Internet. It is considered by having a protocol that performs a significant compression of the signals lacking this affecting the transmissions’ quality.

Over the years, and with the arrival of new technological gadgets on the market, Skype has been adapting to recent trends by developing versions that allow users of other platforms than Windows to use its services. Skype can remain correctly used without problems in almost all operating systems. Such as Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux distributions, and even coordination on behalf of portable devices, such as Windows and Android.

That remains why we can currently find a type of Skype for practically any device. From smartphones with Symbian, Windows Phone or Android, PSP. And tablets with Android or iPads, including PC versions for the most popular operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS.

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Free Service and Payment

Skype currently offers its users several alternatives of use. Since it is possible to acquire a communication package at a low cost to access the program’s large number of options. However, it is also possible to use Skype utterly free of charge. And enjoy the critical series of features that the program offers. Always maintaining the excellent quality of communication that the application provides.

It is only necessary to install the latest available version of the software, which can remain downloaded for free on its official website, and then register as a service user. This one should remain noted that we must also have a broadband connection, microphone, and speakers connected to our PC.

In this way, its users access a wide range of service. Such as calls to other [Skype] users, instant messaging, video calls over the Internet, with excellent quality.

In addition to the possibility of communicating with Skype users for free. We will also be able to communicate with landlines. Or cell phones anywhere in the world, paying a low fee for this type of communication, obviously depending on the geographical location.

Skype and Facebook

How could it be otherwise? Skype also incorporates the necessary support to view Facebook updates. And provides us with the exciting possibility of sending instant messages, checking the wall, updating our status. And making video calls with our Facebook friends and contacts.  Directly from the Skype interface, that is, without using any external tool.

Other Skype Services

In addition to this option, [Skype] also offers other very remarkable features; they can transfer files, send messages, conference calls, video calls in high definition, sand hared screen.  And many other practical functionalities and with which we can have a direct link with the world.

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