Although, this time, we return to Razer with a third change to analyze Razer Cortex, its system management software. Normally, when we talk about Razer, we usually do it in terms of hardware or, at most, of its Synapse 3 software. But there is another excellent cover in the field of software that implements a wide range of possibilities.

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Razer Cortex is a Game Optimizer

The first module that we see as soon as we start the software is the best-known platform, not the only one; it’s a game optimizer. Thanks to this module, we will automatically dump all system resources in the title and avoid annoying notifications. Obligations to this, we will be able to improve our game’s performance and show the fps at which our game runs on the screen and avoid annoying interruptions.

To verify the effectiveness of this module, we have decided to test it on the next test bench:

  • Motherboard  Gigabyte Z390 Designare
  • Processor  Intel 9700K
  • BeQuiet Shadow Rock 3 Heatsink
  • Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Gaming OC 8Gb graphics card
  • Seasonic Focus GX-750 80 + Gold Power  Supply
  • HyperX Fury DDR4 RGB RAM
  • HyperX Fury RGB SSD

Razer Cortex is a System Optimizer

The second module of Razer Cortex is a solution that allows us to optimize our entire system with a simple click. In this way, we will be capable of cleaning all unnecessary files, clear browser caches, and defragment our game files (if they are on a mechanical hard drive) simply and efficiently. All this is entirely customizable in the previous module, thus preventing the software from “touching” sites that we do not want to be touched. We leave you some captures.

Razer Cortex is a Deal Finder

The third Razer Cortex module is a price and deals tracker and comparator. In this way, we can acquire our precious video games at the best possible price since the software itself compares prices between the different digital platforms on the market. We can also make a wish list so that we do not lose that fleeting offer that allows us to acquire that precious title much cheaper. Also, we will have notifications about game packs, raffles. We leave you some screenshots with all the possibilities.

Razer Rewards

Lastly, if you’ve found all of the above helpful, there’s Razer’s reward system. And it is that going using everything that we have shown you so far makes you accumulate Razer credit that you can exchange in the Razer store for different products and even peripherals of the brand


Razer Cortex has the efficiency and breadth of vision of Synapse 3 but with a different target. This software platform tries that both novice and more experienced users have their PC in optimal conditions to play with the least possible effort. If all this were not enough, it allows us to compare and obtain prices of our desired titles at best possible price so that you do not waste time or money buying games and dedicate it to what is essential: playing. Indeed, we are not particularly fans of this type of system, nor this one in particular, but if you accumulate points without proposing it and you get something that interests you. Welcome.

Therefore, we believe that Razer Cortex is quite a useful and effective tool for its purpose. We must add that it is free so, to enjoy it has stood said.

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