PDFBear: Today, you may say that flexibility in filing file formats has never been this useful. As a result, one who is not an expert in organizing files may ask for assistance. Since people are usually using it, it would be thoughtful to provide tips on tools that would alleviate problems relevant to file format alteration.

Different tools provide different purposes. When you use an online tool to cater to your file’s needs, it also gives you a versatile advantage in handling your files since this is the primary purpose of online file format tools. This article will provide information on the most reliable tool available online.

PDFBear’s Multiple Function

PDFBear has a unique system. Its online tools serve many people on their needs when it comes to organizing file formats. Its tools have several functions, and they will allow you to maneuver your files, such as splitting, merging, and many more, for the betterment of your file format alteration.

Anyone can use any tools from PDFBear. Features such as converting Word Document to PDF, Excel to PDF, Split PDF, Merging PDF pages, PDF to JPG, and many other tools are readily available for you. You can also do vice versa should you wish to convert that PDF file into another file format.

There are various applications for this tool. They also offer E-sign, where you can put your electronic signature on your files. It will give you comfort since you do not need to scan and print your signature to put it on your documents online.

Split PDF File

One thing about PDF files is that you cannot modify them. When there is a particular page you want to transfer to another, it will give you a hard time cropping different pages. So to lessen your problem, you may split these pages with PDFBear. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you may use to split your PDF file easily.

  • Choose a PDF file that you wish to split.
  • Select the pages that you need to split from the original PDF file by clicking the pages
  • After choosing the pages you want to split, you may proceed by clicking to refine the pages you selected and transfer them into another PDF file.
  • The final step is you can now download the split PDF file.

There you have it. May this guide be helpful to you towards your journey on splitting your PDF file. The benefit of splitting your file using online tools is that you do not need to undergo a tedious process. You have to wait until the tools finish your work.

Compressing PDF Files

Compressing your files also means boosting productivity since your file transmission would be much faster and easier. If your files are heavy or occupy tons of memory, it would be hard to save and transmit them online. Remember that when you compress your files, you are also reducing the overall size byte by byte.

If you do not know how to compress your PDF files, you can check on some websites online that have available tools for your file compression, such as PDFBear. Nevertheless, here are some steps on compressing your PDF files:

  • Select the files that you want to squeeze.
  • Choose an option (there are options provided for you).
  • Wait for your files to be analyzed and compressed.
  • If your files’ compression and analysis are done, you may download them online, and you can share them with your classmates, friends, or workmates!

Using available tools online would allow you to download your files via Cloud System. It would be less of a hassle for you since it would save so much memory on your computers. You can also download your compressed files on your smartphones!

Online Tools Secure Your Files

The advantage of using online tools for your file formats is that they assure you the security you need most since they will automatically delete your file within an hour after you use their tool. There is so much advantage in this since online robbers will not use your personal information to scam other people.


The only big step you need to take in altering your file formats is choosing which file you wish to modify. You do not need to worry about the other complicated steps since online tools will do the rest for you. If you are interested in knowing more about PDFBear’s features, you can visit its website by searching it on the Internet.

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