MP3 Conversions are sounded everywhere and have become the talk of the town. Everybody wants to save their favorite YouTube videos in the mp3 format and listen to them later. But reflecting on the fact of numerous Mp3 converters being available online, it’s difficult to decide which to choose. But you don’t need to worry, in this blog we will help you out to choose the best one by guiding you through their exclusive features.

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One of the best YouTube to Mp3 converters is! Let’s go through this MP3 converter and ease our craze for mp3 music.


YT1s is a converter that provides you with several features. It can be your first choice for downloading and converting YouTube videos. Its features can change your favorite youtube channel into a music album that you can enjoy offline or while working. Let’s go through some of its best features:


1. Fast and easy to use:

That’s the thing that appeals to its users the most! Yes, this website is very fast and easy to use. Even a layman or a person who is new to the internet can use it finely with just a little guide. What you need to do is just copy the URL from the video and paste copied URL in the URL box on the page of this marvelous converter and here you go!

2. Limitless approach:

This site doesn’t limit you to a number of conversions. With this site, you can convert youtube videos multiple times. In simple words, you can enjoy multiple conversions without any cost.

3. Offers you multiple formats:

You can say from its name that it just provides you mp3 conversion. But the fact is beyond your thought. This YouTube to Mp3 Converter provides you with formats other than the Mp3. With it, you can also convert any of your favorite youtube videos into mp3 as well as mp4 format. You can also convert YouTube videos into:

  1. M4A
  2. WEBM
  3. MP4
  4. MP3
  5. 3GP

4. Don’t require any sign up:

As most of the accounts require registration on their platform to access their services but this thing doesn’t apply here. You can convert the youtube videos into your desired format either mp3 or mp4 without any registration or sign up.

5. Ultimate encryption and security:

Multiple hackers and viral website links are operating on the internet. so you have to beware of such ridiculous sites. Be sure that every link that you press and every site you visit, doesn’t put or inject any malware into your devices. In this way, your devices are at the risk of being hacked. For that reason, this site is made more secure and encrypted for your security.

Moreover, this site cleans the information as soon as you leave the site and respects your privacy. This service is totally malware-free and does not compromise your personal data and operates on strict supervision based on a secure database.

6. Compatible with multiple devices:

Many sites just have single device compatibility but this site can operate on multiple devices. By using this youtube converter you can easily convert youtube to mp3 files and download them for free on tablets, mobiles, PCs, and Computers. Every file is downloaded in HQ available quality.

Now is the turn to learn the process through which you can convert videos into your desired format. Moreover, a step further we are going to answer your question “How to convert YouTube to Mp3?”

Step No 1:

Go to youtube and copy your favorite video’s link. Then search and reach its page.

Step No 2:

Paste the copied URL into the URL BOX and then press the convert button to convert the video into MP3.

Step No 3:

Just wait and watch until the conversion is complete and you have it on your device. Here you go with a very easy and fast conversion!

Wrapping up:

In the light of the above discussion, is a very doddle and speedy YouTube to Mp3 converter that can be used by everyone to his desire. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab the opportunity of a free and fast conversion opportunity.

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