How Do You Set Up Cloud Faxing Software?

cloud faxing software

Many people remember when a phone line was required to set up a fax machine. The process was often confusing and frustrating, taking hours to complete and figure out before sending or receiving the first fax. As most businesses migrate to cloud operations, many people wonder if hassles are involved. Discover how easy it is to set up cloud faxing software and how it improves efficiency immediately.

Getting Started

No complex installation or setup is required for cloud faxing software when you try out FaxBridge from mFax for your business. The plug-and-play operation means everyone can send and receive faxes in minutes. Plus, FaxBridges are preconfigured and assigned to your accounts to make the process easy. FaxBridge is a VoIP fax adapter that connects your analog fax machine to your internet service, eliminating the need for an exclusive analog phone line.

What is an Analog Telephone Adapter?

As a cloud fax solution, FaxBridge is an analog telephone adapter (ATA) that connects your fax machine to the internet. As a result, you can eliminate analog phone lines dedicated to your fax machines and save money. Additionally, all documents are sent over a secure network to ensure they are reliably delivered and regulation-compliant.

How Does an ATA Work?

Using an ATA means sending fax transmittals takes seconds rather than minutes by eliminating paper. The traditional fax machine is assigned an IP address to communicate via the secure cloud network. Any fax-enabled, analog device can connect to FaxBridge to send and receive faxes via email rather than feeding in one sheet of paper at a time. Plus, recipients receive email fax transmittals directly to eliminate interventions that could cause security breaches.

Steps for Success

Starting the process is simple and takes minutes complete. Installing a FaxBridge requires a few easy steps, including:

Do It Now

If you’re contemplating transitioning to cloud faxing, do it now. Everyone depends on the flexibility and scalability of cloud technology to improve efficiency and streamline operations. Anything less means your business is being left behind as the competition adopts this important technology. Plus, saving time and minimizing investments help your company realize a fast ROI for changing over to cloud faxing.

Save Money and Time

Arguably the most significant reasons to change to cloud faxing is to save money and time. Instead of wasting money on phone lines, paper, and staff handling faxes, everyone receives and sends documentation via email. As a result, less effort is required to complete the same work.

Cloud faxing is the future, and you don’t want to be left behind. Also, cloud fax systems are easy to install and use, so you can start immediately. Research the possibilities and discover how much time, money, and effort you save by investing in secure cloud fax services.

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