Nowadays, any brand, product, podcast, whatever you want to promote or promote, has a golden opportunity on social media. However, not everything is so simple, and positioning in networks is a matter that deserves the combination of several elements. Still, one of the most important is the quality of the content.

Having robust and well-crafted graphics can make a difference and immediately grab the attention of anyone exploring hashtags on Instagram, for example.

It is necessary to have the tools and skills to use them to generate attractive images. However, this has significantly stood facilitated in our days, and tools like the one that we will present below show that anyone can create a collage, edit, or make a montage of photos. Tis name is Fotor.

What is Fotor?

When we look at the market of options available for graphic design and image editing, we will find many programs for experts. It leaves out many users with great ideas but few resources to hire an expert and little knowledge to use a specialized program.

Fotor is an alternative that comes to meet these needs by offering a system that we can quickly become familiar with, and that will allow us to improve the results in the images we create.

In this way, we are talking about an online photo editor that will allow you to create collages, edit photos, and start a project from scratch without the need to have a lot of knowledge. And also, with a completely online operation that will not require processes of installation.

Features offered by Fotor

Fotor is an entire suite of photographic design and retouching that, although experts can correctly handle it, is an excellent option for those with little experience in the area. Its functions are complete, allowing a vast spectrum of processes that you can carry out most simply.

Thus, within the features that Fotor offers, we have:

  • Very easy to use for users with little experience.
  • Basic image editing: resizing, rotating, cropping, filters, effects, text, and more.
  • Social Media Oriented Graphic Templates – Create headlines, profile pictures, and posts for different social networks from pre-defined and fully customizable templates.
  • Accessible from anywhere just by logging in with your Fotor account.
  • Photo Retouching Tools: Stain Remover, Teeth Whitener, Red Eye & Wrinkle Remover, Image Resin.
  • Collage maker from more than 1000 customizable templates.
  • More than 40 sizes available to create material of all kinds, from Facebook covers to posters and invitations.

Fotor is a graphic design and photo retouching suite powered by a super intuitive mechanism that invites any user to create their graphic material quickly and straightforwardly.

Why Choose Fotor?

The success of your material on any social network or platform like YouTube has part of its bases in the graphic material that you show. When we think about how we consume content, we click on those suggested YouTube videos whose image and title are more attractive. It is a small sample of the importance of generating good images to publish on any platform and how it can benefit us to achieve the goals we want.

In that sense, Fotor is a perfect photo editor to create high-quality material from incredible templates that you can customize, to the point that the final result seems completely original. Using the tool is extremely simple, and once you have your account, all you have to do is enter and log in to start working.

If you go to photo editing, you will have to upload your image and then apply the adjustments you want from the editor tools panel.

For its part, the collage maker is a true wonder, and if you are a lover of this type of image, Fotor incorporates templates in different models to mix your photos with impressive results.

The process of positioning the images, choosing the design frame, and all the necessary adjustments are straightforward and intuitive so that you can create your own collage in a few minutes.

Create your montages, retouch images, and restore old photos; in general, you will be able to occupy many graphic work areas and improve the appearance of your projects, capturing the ideas you have under a powerful and intuitive framework.

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