One beautiful thing about the gambling market is that despite the proliferation of online casinos all over the web, there has not been a wipe-out of the traditional land-based casinos. Factors like economy, personal preference, technical know-how required by online casinos, etc., come into play in understanding why this is so – play at Mega Reel.

However, the orchestration of both kinds of casinos shares not many differences, especially when we talk about the treatment offered to their VIP players, otherwise called Higher Rollers. Nevertheless, the availability of both options poses on the mind of a Higher Roller a question; Which serves better?

Who are Higher Rollers?

Here are a few general characteristics of Higher Rollers in both Online casinos and Land-based casinos:

  • They are big money spenders who wager a significantly higher amount of money than other average customers.
  • They are beneficiaries of the casinos’ VIP programs.
  • At the very least, they bet £70- £80 or more per hand in table games; and £20 or more per spin in slots.
  • They attain this status by consistently spending big across seasons.
  • Some higher rollers are bigger than other higher rollers, e.g. £100 per hand vs £1000 per hand, and they are treated unequally so respectively.

Benefits of Online Casinos to Higher Rollers

The perks of online casinos to higher rollers are somewhat distinct from what obtains in land-based casinos. These include the following:

  1. Loyalty bonuses such as higher roller welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and free spins on slots.
  2. More competitive wagering terms.
  3. Better rates of loyalty point accumulation and conversion as you progress in VIP levels.
  4. Personal Account managers to handle withdrawals and other requests.
  5. Invitations to exclusive online tournaments and events.
  6. Bonuses on special occasions like birthdays.
  7. Greatly enhanced deposits and withdrawals.

Benefits of Land-based casinos to Higher Rollers

The peculiar luxuries offered to Higher Rollers by land-based casinos include the following:

  • Complimentary food and drinks
  • Accommodation provisions
  • Personal Hosts/Hostesses to take care of the players’ needs.
  • Transportation provisions
  • Tangible gifts on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc.
  • High Limit rooms, often called VIP section.
  • Sponsored trips to events such as movie premieres, fashion shows, etc.
  • Interpersonal relationships with fellow higher rollers.

Tips for choosing which is better between online casinos and land-based casinos

From the information above, it is obvious that higher rollers benefit a lot either with online casinos or land-based casinos, which may contribute to a tough choice. However, there are certain factors to look out for that may aid the choice process:

  1. There should be progressive levels. In other words, there must be an opportunity for you to progress in VIP levels.
  2. You should be able to withdraw your cashback immediately.
  3. The benefits should not be limited to cash alone. There should be physical and non-physical rewards, as well.
  4. There should be transparency and clarity on the details and eligibility requirements of the VIP programs.
  5. There should be minimal barriers to participation, especially country wise.


With adequate awareness of the benefits accruing to being a higher roller in online casinos or in land-based casinos, which is better may eventually boil down to a matter of choice and interest availability. What matters most is that your choice is based on an informed decision.

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