Technology plays a great part in all of our lives in the 21st century, both at home and in the workplace. But how can it help when you need to organise an event or meeting? Many companies are offering a range of technical production solutions – a typical example is BlackOak Technical Productions who have a full suite of services covering most requirements – that you can call on for help. In the article that follows, we look at a selection of the services they provide and where you might make use of them.

Creative and Design Services

A good technical production company will be adept at organising everything from meetings to parties and much more, but everything begins with the creative and design stage. The client will be invited to a meeting where the initial brainstorming of the event and what is required take place. This will build a strong picture of what is involved and add ideas and innovation to the overall pitch.

At this early stage in the process, your production company will help you assemble all the pieces and iron out any potential problems. This enables you and them to move forward and begin designing what is physically needed to present the event, meeting or whatever may be in the organisation stage. Remember, these people are professionals with a wealth of experience in the design and creation of events, so you can rely upon them to deliver the goods.

Technical Production for Live Events

If you are hosting a live event, you will find that technology plays a huge part in getting things done. Your production company can provide full technical assistance for any event from a meeting to a wedding party and all in between. They will have expertise in lighting, for example, and know the best way to light a particular venue through experience. They will also be able to provide more than adequate audio technology for either voice or music, allowing your guests to hear speakers and get up and dance!

If you want to use videos in your event – perhaps for presentations or delivery of content – they will help you with professional video production and presentation to the highest quality. A technical production company is a place to go for the best service in the audio-visual world and will bring your event alive.

Digital Meeting Organisation

We all learned during the covid-19 pandemic that digital meetings, in which the attendees are remote from each other, can be undertaken successfully when the right equipment and technology is involved. However, the organisation and enabling of such can be much easier and more successful if you engage a production company with experience in the presentation and management of digital meetings.

Tools such as Zoom – which shot to fame in 2020 – are great for small numbers, but when you have a lot of people attending, you may need specialised technology that is a step or two beyond an off the shelf app. A production company will be able to offer you a fully managed and interactive digital virtual meeting that runs as smoothly as one in the flesh, and that, in many ways, is far more convenient. This technique is also used for remote video conferences that are fast becoming a popular option.

Technical System Installation

If you need an audio-visual system that integrates with your IT – perhaps in an office or a party or conference venue – you will find that a technical production company is the best place to go for a full assessment and advice on meeting the demands of your facility. They will help by working to a budget prescribed by you and installing equipment that will provide the results you want, whether this means a full A/V refit or upgrading what you have.

You should look at such a custom system if your venue holds regular conferences and wedding venues regularly use such installations. Having a system installed and ready to use with the most up to date technology means you’re ready to handle any project you wish successfully.

Technical Production

Media Production

Suppose you are looking for video content or even live broadcasts; you need to involve a technical production company. Your smartphone may take fabulous videos, but there’s a world of difference between that and professional recording and broadcast equipment. You’ll see the quality of a professionally produced broadcast in the finished result, and when you look at the cost involved, this is a cost-effective method of getting content for viewers that is top level.

There is a lot to be said for using the professional approach to get the right results for adverts and promotions, company video news and announcements. The professionals you use will fully understand how to use broadcast media in brand promotion and awareness and will advise you from the beginning on the best way forward.

Emerging Technologies

The world of technology changes fast, and it’s hard to keep up, and this is one area in which a technical promotion company can help. They will be up to speed with AI, immersive video technology and any other emerging technologies that might be of use and interest to your business. They will be happy to help you use the most up-to-date technology to provide the results you need.


Any successful event or meeting, conference or party needs careful planning. When you involve the professionals with know-how and expertise, you are guaranteed results that ensure your event goes smoothly. The same is true of technology installations and broadcast recordings, so you must work with the best people in the business.

Check out local technical production companies now and get to know them, and make your next event or project the one that sets the standard for others to match.

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