Sunday May 19, 2024
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Machine Learning Write For Us

Calling All Machine Learning Enthusiasts!

Why Write for Us?

Imagine having the opportunity to showcase your machine learning knowledge, share your insights, and inspire others to explore the incredible potential of this cutting-edge field.

That’s exactly what writing for us is all about. It’s not just about contributing your know-how; it’s about being part of a vibrant community that values innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions.

What We’re Looking For?

  • Case studies of machine learning applications in different industries with successful outcomes provide a solid foundation for further exploration of the technology.
  • The demonstration of the advantages of various machine learning frameworks and their pros and cons falls into the scope of this work.
  • Instruments of having the clearest awareness about the recent tendencies and the revolutionary discoveries in the industry.
  • Ponder over the ethical concerns with machine learning application in terms of its influence on society.
  • For effective machine learning projects owning tools for defeating the main barriers is a must.

Submission Guidelines

  • Formatting: In order to provide strong structure your article must have clear heading, sub-headings, and bullet points to make it more reader friendly.
  • Word Count: Word count is the most important aspect for writing of an article on any topic, but it must be comprehensive with enough information to explain that the topic has been covered sufficiently.
  • Images: Don’t forget to use matching pictures, charts, diagrams, or videos to clarify the information, which will help to make your content visually appealing.
  • Citations: Follow citation rules to all external resources you have used in your story to preserve credibility.
  • Language: Apply simple and direct vocabulary with basic words and terms that make your message understandable to everyone, instead of referring to highly specialized or technical language.
  • Submission Process: We will either write an article or a comprehensive outline, depending on the instructions from the email address [].
  • Additional Formats: Besides standardly written articles, our journal also admits the contributions that can be either case studies, tutorials or opinion pieces which offer the particular knowledge of Machine Learning.


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