Sunday May 19, 2024
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Why Write for Us?

What We’re Looking For?

  • Guides about the VPNs installation process and the basic usage on different the electronic devices.
  • VPN performance and security methods can be focused on.
  • Ultimately, one has to inspect different VPN protocols and their pros towards their own bigger goal.
  • We will provide you with an in-depth knowledge through our research and observation of the latest trends and progress in VPN field.
  • Talking about the value of privacy on the Internet as well as VPNs, which will allow them to keep their data private.

Submission Guidelines

  • Word Count: Although we do not have flexible character limits, we still suggest staying at least a 1,000 characters to post informative and detailed insights.
  • Formatting: To achieve a proper structure of the article, it is advisable to compose clear paragraphs with subheadings, bullet points, and numbered lists which will enhance the readability
  • Writing Style: Keep the approachable and available writing style that isn’t difficult to interpret by our readers.
  • Images: Apply relevant free-to-use images as an additional to your written content to make it more aesthetically attractive.
  • Citations: Above all, if your article has referenced any external sources, make sure to credit them at the bottom of your work.
  • Relevant Topics: Dedicate the class to subjects covering Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) equivalence with digital privacy, security, and tutorials, in addition to the new industry trends.
  • Submission Process: To submit your article, you can send an email us at

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