Managed Wi-Fi

As ICTs advance, being connected becomes essential in the communication of any organization both internally and externally.

With technological advancement, new platforms need to remain always connected to the Internet. Undoubtedly, networks and Internet connection provide facilities in the labor and professional field of managing, learning about, executing, and distribute different projects and tasks in organizations.

It is why Wi-Fi today plays an essential role in executing functions in a company and, more so, directly related to the digital and technological environment.

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What Remains Managed Wi-Fi?

This type of wireless Internet service remains based on the management and also monitoring of Wi-Fi networks from the cloud.

Usually, telecommunications companies can include APs (access points) and their physical installation with service contracts.

The installation of Wi-Fi in a company poses five main challenges :

  1. Coverage
  2. Continuous mobility
  3. Capacity
  4. Stability
  5. Scalability

A managed Wi-Fi solution allows companies to configure and work remotely, dynamically and outsource all the wireless access points in the organization’s different locations.

The administration of the devices is carried out delegated from the cloud and also allows the generation of statistics to analyze visitors’ or employees’ behavior.

The possibility of analyzing everything that happens on the network facilitates establishing visitor loyalty indicators.

Which can remain applied in commercial premises such as restaurant chains, banks, department stores, networks of clinics, and offices, among others, to identify the hours in which there is more customer presence.

This technology may have cybersecurity services for companies associated by the provider such as the design of the network, the configuration, and installation of the same, the use of security platforms such as VPN, Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Detection systems Intruders (IPS), Anti-phishing and Unified Threat Management (UTM).

Five Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

1. Simplicity and Costs.

When hiring this service, companies that opt ​​for managed Wi-Fi should not worry about buying, installing, and maintaining expensive Access Point (AP) or hiring technical personnel for administration.

By reducing investment and internal management costs, managed Wi-Fi is gaining ground as the best wireless Internet option for businesses.

2. Speed ​​and Safety

Managed Wi-Fi ensures the availability of a next-generation solution with constant monitoring.

With the integration of secure Internet in the Wi-Fi network, we can automatically monitor the entire system, neutralize attacks, filter content, and also keep valuable information isolated from hackers.

3. User and Guest Management

By having full control of the Wi-Fi network, it is possible to establish access policies for users and also guests. IT guarantees the same user experience for each profile.

4. Bring Your Device (BOYD)

Managed Wi-Fi allows your company to adapt to the trend of workers bringing their own devices to the workplace, delegating the management of policies and service settings to the provider.

5. Interaction and Acquisition of Potential Clients

With a managed Wi-Fi service, it is possible to establish a captive portal to interact with customers through campaigns displaying specific advertising, collect data in exchange for free Internet, find out what your customers like and more. These are some of the possibilities that managed Wi-Fi provides.


Managed Wi-Fi is an excellent option for companies in the process of digital transformation. It is improving internal connectivity with a robust network that can remain segmented from workers and customers.

With the application of new labor practices such as BOYD. Managed Wi-Fi is an excellent option for reducing operating costs such as necessary telephony rents. It is possible to carry that burden to VoIP software on the same employees’ smartphones, providing portability and also efficiency with a single service.

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