Machine Learning Engineer Vs. Data Scientist: The War Of Salary

Machine Learning Engineer Vs. Data Scientist

While machine learning engineers and data scientists have a lot in common, their trajectories diverge early enough to make proper distinctions. Consider the passing of a baton as a metaphor for the link between the two roles. A data scientist has the expertise and skills to undertake statistical analysis to help build a machine learning initiative’s strategy.

Read further to understand what is machine learning and the scope it holds. The data scientist will also create the algorithm fed into the machine learning model. Next, the machine learning engineer will use his knowledge of associated software tools to guarantee that the models are scalable and working correctly.

What does it take to become a machine learning engineer?

A Master’s degree in computer science or an equivalent sort of data engineer training is often required of machine learning engineers. However, education is merely a starting point for a job, not a guarantee of success.

Prospective machine learning engineers should be familiar with machine learning techniques, have experience with software engineering and various programming languages, and have a strong understanding of mathematics and data analysis. Having extensive expertise working with large data is also advantageous. With these talents, your chances of landing a job as a machine learning engineer grow.

When comparing data science and machine learning, it’s vital to remember that machine learning is a subset of data science. While both professionals can work with a machine learning data model, the ML engineer’s skills will enable him to go deeper into specialized ML training, development, and deployment.

The Comparison

During 2012, many job postings for Data Scientists appeared and saturated the market. The same is true for the Machine Learning Engineer role; it’s a new one that’s slowly gaining traction in regions with data specialists. Because the terms are unique, they are hazy. When comparing Machine Learning Engineer versus Data Scientist, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Salary Trends

Data Scientists make an average salary of $91,470 (US) or $693,637 in other currencies (IND). Let’s look at how much a Data Scientist makes based on their experience. A Machine Learning Engineer’s average salary is currently around $111,490 (US) or $719,646 (UK) (IND). Let’s take a look at a Machine Learning Engineer’s remuneration package.

When we compare the salary trends of a Machine Learning Engineer and a Data Scientist, we can observe that a Machine Learning Engineer earns slightly more than a Data Scientist in general. Now, one could wonder why this is, so let’s look at the abilities and differences in jobs between Machine Learning engineers and Data scientists. But first, let’s take a look at some of the current job trends.


Overall, numerous elements might influence the salary of either of these professions and if you’re already a data scientist or machine learning engineer, you can see how you’ll need more than just a few features to explain the variance in your target, which in this case is the compensation value. You can also explore SQL certification courses. Click here to know more.

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