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According to eMarketer, from 2012 to 2016, there was an 87% growth in the number of people who watched videos online. In this scenario, one of the video formats that has become more popular on the Internet is vlogging.

Now this article, you will find out what a vlog is and why they are so successful. We will also show you all the steps to create yours and make sure it is a success.

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What is Vlog?

Before videos became popular, vlogs stood called podcasts; a term used to refer to audio and video posts. Today, the two adopted their nomenclature.

The term vlog remains used to define video streamers (transmitters), even if they don’t use a blog. The vlog remains published by other media, such as YouTube and, more recently, by Instagram IGTV.

People who vlog are called bloggers or vloggers. With the growth of social networks, they also take advantage of other resources such as live broadcasts.

Therefore, the vlog is a mixture of blogs with streaming, and it is about videos made in the first person. Its success is that the vlogger speaks straightforwardly to his audience, which generates a strong identification between the person and the latter.

Additionally, videos can feature visual effects that enrich the user experience. They also have a greater ability to go viral, which is why there are so many famous vloggers.

But what are the elements to make a successful vlog?

How to Make a Successful Vlog

Recording and uploading a video is not difficult; the essential thing is to highlight the content.

To give you an idea, YouTube has more than one billion users, so the amount of content generated daily is practically infinite. To give you an idea, as of 2021 YouTube statistics imply that there are more than 2 billion users, so the amount of content generated daily is practically infinite.

But if you follow our instructions, you will know how to win over your audience. Following these practices, you will be on the right track to vlogging successfully with planning and effort.

Plan your Content

The first step is content planning. Keep in mind that celebrity vlogs are only thriving because they send a message that their followers are interested.

Ideally, make a vlog about content that you master or are very interested in to transmit quality content to the public. Remember that you will never win over your audience if you don’t offer quality content in return.

Also, the content must be different for each video so as not to tire of becoming repetitive. Bet on news, since one of the significant advantages of a vlog is that it is open and flexible.

Be open to Criticism and Suggestions

Those who deal with the public already know: it is not possible to please everyone. By making a vlog, you will receive praise and criticism, so don’t avoid, ask for suggestions on where you can improve.

However, it is necessary to know how to differentiate a critic of personal taste from one that alerts you to a real problem. Disrespectful criticism should remain ignored, but feedback will always be welcome, and if they tell you about changes that will improve your videos, even more!

Value Quality

Speaking of vlogs and videos in general, it is worth the maxim that quality is better than quantity. If you massively produce videos, your videos will go unnoticed without content quality or sound production.

The uncertainty you look closely, you will see that there is no successful vlog without quality production. So, before creating your channel, do a lot of research on this specific topic, and define quality standards.

An essential tip for maintaining the quality of your videos is to create a recording schedule.

Believe in your Potential

Whenever we start a project, we work hard because we believe it will really work and bring us a return. When starting a vlog, you should have the same mindset: it will really succeed.

So, believe in your potential as a content creator. Study hard to show your knowledge and also to learn more about your new job.

Talk about Current Issues

People are looking for information all the time, and social networks, especially YouTube, have become excellent tools to find information.

Talking about current issues is the best way to keep the channel relevant and generate more impact. There are some ways to find out the current topics, such as searching Google Trends or Trending Topics on Twitter.

Do SEO for YouTube! The vlog titles should have a keyword that matches the topic, which will increase the chances that the video will appear among the top search results.

Create Relevant Content

Here we are once again reinforcing the topic of relevant content. Videos are visual content, but they need as much quality as a written one. Thus, it would help if you thoroughly planned the script of the topic you will deal with, without neglecting anything from its introduction to its conclusion.

As a result, don’t ever turn on the camera uncertainty. You don’t know what you’re going to talk around almost. Relevant content provides information to the viewer showing authority and dominance on the subject.

Stay Present on Social Media

One of the most excellent powerful tools available to those who are starting their vlog is social media. Vloggers aren’t just on YouTube. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also help them build their audience.

IGTV, Instagram’s newest feature, can also be an excellent platform to upload your videos, as well as Stories. Live broadcasts are also very helpful in attracting audiences. Use and abuse the resources offered by social networks!

2. Content Creators who are very Successful with their vlogs

To better understand and control vlogging success, you need to study techniques and look for sources of inspiration. We are going to show you two success stories that have conquered the Internet.


Created by Swede Felix Arvid in 2010, PewDiePie is the largest existing YouTube channel, with more than 102 million subscribers and billions of views.

To give you an idea of ​​their success, if we were to join the subscribers of the Justin Bieber, CNN, Nike, and Coca-Cola channels, they would not reach PewDiePie’s numbers.

Like many famous YouTubers, PewDiePie attracted attention for getting involved in controversies. He made headlines worldwide for paying two Indians to hold up a sign that read “Death to all Jews.”

But what explains PewDiePie’s success to the point of achieving things like launching its brand of ergonomic chairs? Many consider him a fun, intelligent, innovative, and charismatic guy.

His videos have to do, above all, with video games, make jokes and give his opinion on various topics. Like it or not, it is a formula that is very successful.

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