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Google Translate: Machine translation has become a standard for many people. Do you need to translate an email into English? Do you want to solve a website directly in the browser? You only need one click! Sometimes it is more convenient to enter a Spanish word in the translation box than to look up its English equivalent in an online dictionary. Using tools for automated content translation is no longer a surprise. Now we will tell you how to make your life even more comfortable with one of the most popular translators.

Google Translate was launched in April 2006 and is currently a 103 language translation service. In 2018 it was used by 500 million people every day.

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Here are ten tricks to translate your content more quickly and effectively:

#1 From Spanish to English Quickly

Unknown quantity you want to get the translation of a word or phrase, add the language of your choice in the address bar of the browser.  Google Translate will do the rest from the search platform without entering the translation tool page.

#2 Practice Pronunciation

You can listen to the translated text and practice your pronunciation. If you press the audio icon again, the reader will remain to make out more slowly:

#3 Work with your Google Account

The service can remain used without entering an account, but accessing your Google account will allow you to save translations so that the translator can add information to the database to improve the quality of the results:

#4 Write by Hand

If for some cause you don’t want to use the keyboard, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the original text box and type the word you want to translate:

With this function, you can also activate the virtual keyboard:

#5 Share the Translation

Don’t waste time copying if you’re going to send the text to someone by email or through social networks. Altogether you need to do is click on “share translation.”

#6 Play the Corrector Role

If the translation does not meet your expectations, you can correct it. Thanks to users like you, the quality of translations will improve in no time:

#7 Translate in Real-Time

You don’t always have time to write, mostly when you speak to someone in another language. For this, all you have to do is click on the microphone icon and start talking. The lot else will remain complete automatically:

#8 Check the History

If you want to go back to the previously translated text, you will not have to copy it back to the translator. Just by clicking on “History,” you will see the past translations on the right side of the screen and search for the text you want:

#9 Activate the “Press to Translate” Function

This function remains activated on your smartphone or tablet. In the Google Translate application settings, you must enable the option “press to translate” so that the Google Translate icon appears when you copy any text. Clicking on the icon will automatically translate the copied text.

#10 Translate the Content of a Website

You must paste the full website link in the translation window. The address will remain activated, and when you click, you will see the site with a top tab to translate the content into a specific language.

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