Successful E-commerce Transactions: One of the main anxieties that we have seen that exists among people is making payments by electronic means, whether they are payments for services, deposits to accounts, or only paying for a product in a virtual store. Although doing business is known to be changing, there will always be mistrust among consumers when a new payment method remains presented.

Now traditional commerce, the person acquires the product and can make the payment in cash or by card, but continue with the purchase in hand. In electronic commerce, the “risk” exists when ordering the product and making a bank transfer, payment by credit and debit card, or PayPal.

Are currently techniques such as data encryption and protocols for secure data transmission (HTTPS) that guarantee the privacy and complete integrity of customer data.

But despite these confidentiality efforts, there are still risks when shopping online. As we do not want there to be fear of buying online, this time, we will show you some tips that you can put in place as an online business owner to achieve successful transactions to be transparent. What customers expect from a virtual store will make them come back and become loyal fans.

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1. Verify that your Contact Information is Correct

If in the contact information of your virtual store you only have an email style, we recommend at least adding a contact telephone number and your updated social networks and with a direct link to each of them. Suppose the email is personalized, style. In that case, you will see how the answers you provide will be more elegant, personalized, and above all, business, which will give the necessary confidence to the consumer.

If there is a contact method added but with broken links, it is time to get down to work and fix it. If one of your customers detects this error, you will have a negative opinion that probably translates into one less purchase.

2. Include Reviews from Satisfied Customers

There is no better reputation than the one that satisfied customers make you. For that, we recommend you include at least three purchase reviews from happy customers, where they can talk, in brief words, about how they felt about their purchase and what opinion they have about the product.

It will give your potential customer confidence that people like him have already had the shopping experience and have not suffered any fraud or purchase disappointment [that will lead to helping your business get paid]. Let us remember that a happy client can become two, three, or more who will share their relatives’ experiences. Let us remember that a happy client can become two, three, or more who will share their relatives’ experiences.

3. Include Press Reviews

Suppose your store begins to have coverage on informational sites. In that situation, you can ask for a reference from them or only permission to include their logo on your site in a section called “sites that recommend us” or something similar. Another site recommends you are essential for public opinion and your brand positioning in your environment. These recommendations can drive purchasing behavior and reinforce the idea that it is known, reliable. You will not run away with the money of your clients.

4. Provide Support Throughout the Purchase Process

Not all customers know about online shopping, so having help during this process will help the transaction occur. Either through a live chat or by email, if the customer needs you to clarify doubts and complete the purchase, you must be available.

In the hypothetical situation that one of your clients tells you that they do not know which credit card numbers to include, you must know how to act. Through the communication channel that the client has chosen, you must provide them with information on the subject. Why These numbers are requested and above all, assure you that they are only to make that purchase.

5. Manage different Payment Methods

When electronic commerce began to exist, it had to be with a credit card if you bought in a virtual store. If you didn’t have one, it was time to find someone who will lend it to you (not recommended, by the way) or have to go out to a physical store to buy the product.

Fortunately, at this time, you can already make payments for your online purchases through various methods. Paypal, credit card, bank deposit, and even cash on delivery are just some of the existing options that will expand your market. And let your customers know that you are here for them and understand their needs.

6. Have clear Privacy and Data Management Policies in Sight

Although most of us do not read these policies and only click on “Yes, I accept”. It remains recommended that if it is the first time the customer makes a purchase. They remain asked to read these policies making it clear that it is for their safety. That one will be your decision whether you take the time to read these sections or make the purchase.

7. Have Multimedia Elements to Guide you

Everything that we have mentioned above can remain understood. You can include photographs, videos. And even infographics, where you explain how the purchase process will remain carried out step by step. Also, whatever are the client’s actions to carry out from order up to a return. It is time to be accessible to your customers. And let them know that you know what they want, you want them to trust you. And, above all, under no circumstances will you misuse their information and money.

This one is time for you to start having satisfied customers and have them trust you. If you consider that other actions make more people trust a virtual store, please. I hope you can share them in the comments sector.

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