Keeping Your Castle Secure

What’s a castle without a moat? Essentially, just a building. If your home is your castle and not just some building, you need to have a “moat”. What kind of “moat” can you install, though? Most HOAs aren’t going to allow you to dig a donut-shaped pit around your premises. A sort of twenty-first-century alternative is needed, and that alternative is tech security.

Today’s options in terms of digital technology can make it possible for you to create enough security surrounding your premises that it is very much like a moat. There are also options beyond technology, like getting a big mean dog; but you’ve got to take him for walks and on vacation with you, and by the time you’re finally used to him, he’s old and goes to doggy heaven.

Technology doesn’t form any attachments like that. In fact, if you find you don’t like it, you can rip it out of the wall and drop-kick it over the horizon. Canines aren’t ideal for that. Also, a security system won’t leave a non-chocolate present for you at night.

Still, you can’t play with or cuddle up with technology; so it’s not a perfect option. That said, it’s revitalizing home security. Here are five notable gadgets you may want to consider to keep your house from being a sitting duck when burglars canvass your neighborhood.


1. IoT-Enabled Cameras

The Internet of Things is abbreviated IoT and pertains to essentially any electrically-enabled technology-enabled with “smart” technology that incorporates WiFi. This allows you to control said device from your tablet, smartphone, computer, or other IoT hub. Essentially, you can acquire IoT cameras that notify you whenever motion passes them.

You can save the footage, and you can use it to notify authorities if a burglar decides to change your property. Also, some cameras allow you to communicate with individuals on the porch through little speakers on the camera.

2. A Deadbolt Enabled With “Smart” Technology

Deadbolts that are enabled with IoT tech can be locked or unlocked remotely. If you lose your keys, you can just enter in the code on the keypad or your smartphone. Also, if you aren’t sure whether or not you locked your front door, you can just check your app and tap the screen.

3. Remote Monitoring of Your Premises

Another option is alarm grid monitoring, available at a subscription fee. Actual facilities can monitor your premises, collect data, and notify authorities when there are serious property breaches in NJ, FL, or CA. It’s sort of like having your own security guard on command when you leave the premises.

If you’ve got cameras in multiple rooms of the house, such alarm grid monitoring options can act just like a security grid conventional security personnel has monitored since closed-circuit television was invented. Personnel at such monitoring companies can keep an eye on each part of your home, calling local authorities when or if anything suspicious happens.

4. Motion Sensor Lights Incorporating IoT Tech

Another tactic is frightening off potential burglars. Motion sensor lights that utilize IoT lights can be activated or deactivated remotely, or by motion locally. If you get a notification on your phone that the lights have been disturbed, in conjunction with your cameras, you can check the footage to see whether the burglar was a raccoon or an actual thief.


5. The Best of Both Worlds: A Barking Dog Alarm

If you’re creeping up on a house, trip an infrared sensor without realizing it, and are suddenly assaulted by an ear-shattering conglomeration of howls, growls, barks, and snarls, you’ll likely jump out of your skin and sprint from the brash noise as fast as you can.

Nobody wants an ornament made of Rottweiler dangling from their backside in the darkness. Hearing a sound that leads the imagination that direction is a clear invitation to beat it. Barking dog alarms exist that are also IoT enabled, allowing you to activate them at will and even switch the dog noises coming from whatever speaker you’re using for authenticity.

Combine that with devices that include a speaker, and you can make noises that definitely weren’t pre-recorded, causing even the most tech-savvy burglars to doubt themselves. In this way you get the security a canine brings to your property with none of the associated hassle being a pet owner entails.

Keeping Your Property Secure

Barking dog alarms, IoT-enabled motion sensor lights, remote monitoring options, IoT-enabled deadbolts, and IoT cameras can help you keep a continuous eye on your home, protecting it from ne’er-do-wells of the night.

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