What are the Features of Bing? How this Popular Search Engine Works

What are the Features of Bing? How this Popular Search Engine Works

Features of Bing

In 2009, Microsoft launched Bing, a search engine that would replace the so-called Live Search. At that time, this search engine was far behind the competition’s greats: Google and Yahoo!

As a giant of the computer industry, Microsoft intended with its search engine to change the way users obtained the information they were looking aimed.

Over time they were winning in commercial proposals, making alliances with other large companies, managing to boost the search in the Yahoo! portals, and later reached agreements with Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, to name a few, to offer their users the best alternatives of content.

In 2016, Bing became the most used search engine within the United States, after Google, and today it remains one of the most popular in the world.

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Nine Features of the Bing Search Engine

1. Data Security and Structuring

One of the essential features of Bing to highlight is its security. As we have now mentioned, it is the second most used internet search engine in the world.

It also has ideal tools for positioning web pages through the structured use of data and codes specific to a web page.

This data structuring will allow different websites to improve the number of clicks they receive daily. Although the final reader does not perceive them, some examples of these structural codes are the ratings and opinions about a product.

2. Classification of Videos

Bing Video is one of the most characteristic tools of this search engine. The search design is much more visual than other search engines; it allows the user to visualize their searches intelligently.

Each video remains tagged under specific categories, for example, trailers, music, cooking, etc. When searching for a video, it is possible to enjoy the first 30 seconds and some information about the video’s origin.

3. Search for more Specific Images

Similar to what happens with video search, it happens with the image search engine.

To find the desired image, type the keyword. However, Bing returns results on those words and orders the pictures according to the similarities between them.

Another exciting tip for image search is that Bing allows you to cut out parts of a photo and search for details separately.

For example, in a photo of a living room, you could cut out the sofa that appears in the image and do an advanced search for only that piece of furniture. The same if you choose instead of the furniture, a lamp or the table.

This search modality is super beneficial for SEO tools and content optimization on websites. What does this mean?

The use of keywords in the photos’ titles can help improve the positioning of your website within search engines.

4. Integration with Social Networks

Another notable feature of Bing is its integration as a search engine for major social networks.

Microsoft, Bing’s provider company, played smart by establishing business relationships with two of the greats in the social media world: Facebook and Twitter.

This relationship allows the Bing search engine to be the one that provides all the data that its users consult through these networks.

5. Good Interface

This browser has user interaction features.

When you perform a search and show you the results of the content, you will also be able to see what that content circulates on social networks and the opinions of experts who know about the topic searched.

It also has that the wallpaper of the search engine changes its image every day, showing super beautiful graphics from different parts of the world.

And, best of all, the smart search engine connects the images with the Bing map system and, in addition to the photo, it can show you the geographic location and curious data of that town.

6. Search History

And you will think, But can I have a history in any search engine? What if. But the difference with Bing is that having a Microsoft account accompanying your account. The great advantage is that you will have access to that search history from any computer you connect.

Another advantage of the search history is that it has a system that automatically completes words and phrases. It is also possible to choose both the country and the language in which you want to search.

7. Artificial Intelligence Functions

One of the most innovative features of Bing is smart responses. It consists of providing the user with information from various sources, with the intention that the result is as accurate as possible.

This search model also offers the user the possibility to compare the topic they are looking for with any other issue that may have a similar perspective, such as the differences between running and walking and what benefits each has for health.

8. News in Real-Time

Bing news is another of the remarkable features of this search engine. It is a newsreader that uses its sources to display in real-time or chronologically information of general interest or personalized according to the user’s interests who perform the search.

Bing news appears pinned on the search engine’s main page and can remain configured to display information on specific topics and in real-time.

For example, if you are a sports fan, your home screen will show a panel with the most relevant data about the sport currently and what remains said about it on social networks.

9. Bing App

This search engine has an application perfectly designed to remain used on mobile devices. It leaves all the search tools offered in its version for computers at the user’s fingertips and more.

Users’ super useful options are the travel search engine, which tells you the best time to buy a travel ticket or make a hotel reservation.

And if instead of being a user, entrepreneurship is more your thing, it would be worth recommending Bing Ads, a service specially designed for companies and digital advertising management.

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