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Enthusiast Gaming


Enthusiast Gaming is forming in the third quarter of 2019 from two companies’ merger from the video game entertainment and esports sectors. The platform is now the largest network in the US to overtake Twitch, IGN, and Gamespot and is one of the leading platforms on behalf of brands targeting gamers.

With CAD 22 million in pro forma sales, Enthusiast Gaming operates various digital areas that generate revenue through subscriptions, advertising, and live events. Enthusiast Gaming’s esports for example, division, Brilliance Gaming, is an essential sports organization and benefits from traditional income sources such as prize money, sponsorship, selling, streaming, and more. The advertising industry has now gained a severe partner in the gaming segment.

Contact With Player than any Other Company

Enthusiast Gaming has access to over 200 million players through its network. The company reaches through its platform with more than 100 gaming websites, 900 YouTube channels, and seven professional esports teams, including over 50 influencers.

The entire platform enables Enthusiast Gaming to create bespoke, targeted advertising campaigns for brands that appeal to gamers’ target audience.

The professional esports team at Luminosity Gaming generates revenues that remain previously proven in traditional sports marketing. With brand ambassadors like NFL superstar Richard Sherman and Grammy nominee Tory Lanz. The company benefits in marketing through access to talent and active users in esports and video games.

The company has developed into the primary provider in this segment in North America and such offers a unique selling point.

Expanding the Position as a Top Dog

Further, The gaming sector in North America is mostly fragmented, so it’s not surprising that Enthusiast Gaming Holdings has made ten acquisitions since 2018. Mastering the integration process plays a crucial role in the success of any transaction.

It is the only way for the company to ensure. That the community with committed users grows sustainably and created synergy.

From the business and the investors’ point of view, the establishment of subscription models with such high-profit margins is exciting. In this way, the enthusiast can precisely plan and control sales and profit expectations.

Fast Growth in Profitability

Although, Enthusiast Gaming Holdings makes history because they are the first publicly listed company in the world to offer investors. The opportunity to position themselves with their esports team in this segment. The market is believed to be long-lived and is probable to grow to $ 2.3 billion by 2023.

Additional, The company is already generating steady cash flow. Generating $ 9.7 million in advertising revenue in 2018 for a total of $ 11.0 million. As advertising represented 89% of the former Enthusiast Properties’ sales.

According to an analyst estimate by Canaccord Genuity, sales will increase to CAD 35.7 million by 2020. For 2022 a further increase in sales to 64.4 million CAD. And an EBIT of 5.1 million CAD despite the rapid growth.

From November 25 to 27, 2019, the company’s management will participate in this year’s. German Equity Forum in Frankfurt and present Enthusiast Gaming in 1-on-1 meetings and a presentation.


A media and entertainment firm called Enthusiast Gaming specializes in the gaming and esports sectors of the economy. It runs websites and online communities that provide gamers with connections and content, including Destructoid, Escapist Magazine, Nintendo Enthusiast, and The Sims Resource.

The business also plans and manages esports competitions, tournaments, and events. Enthusiast Gaming works with content producers and influencers in the gaming industry to develop content, organize events, and host events. They organize gaming conferences to display the newest games and market trends and provide advertising and marketing possibilities to connect with a loyal audience.

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