Whether you are a sales manager or sales rep, it is quite important to strategize the sales every year. Based on a recent report, more than 32% of the sales manager would be going with managing the people. It is quite important to set the target, quotas along with commission structure before the next sales cycle.

These are suitable options for easily attaining better revenue goals. The use of sales commission software lets you easily analyze all the data automatically. These leading commission tracking tools help to motivate the sales manager or sales rep to save time.

What Is a Spiff Incentive?

Normally, the Sales Performance Incentive Fund (SPIFF) it is not mandatory to have the spiff, and this could be anything that is suitable for the salespeople. SPIFF would be the cash or anything that the salesperson could get maximum benefit for.

Even in the modern-day, many people have been using the spreadsheet for everything starting from tracking the expenses, payroll, billing clients as well as calculating the sales commission. When you are looking for a better way to use the spiff incentive then here is your wonderful option for getting massive benefits.

Reduce Manual Errors In Sales Commissions Calculation:

Automated Sales Commission Calculation is one of the best options for you to easily save your time. With the use of advanced sales commission software, it is a convenient option for getting every number in the sales insight.

When you are processing the commissions in Excel, it could introduce you to more errors in the calculations. Well structured commissions system would be a suitable option for reducing the number of errors in the commission. These would consequently be a suitable option for saving more money in the process.

Pays Commissions On Time:

Normally, the manual process takes more time to calculate the sales commission. These also take a significant amount of money, causing reconciliation issues and reducing the sales performance level. When you are introducing the automated sales commission system, it would be a suitable option for calculating the payments quickly.

Amazing Commissions Plans:

There are times that your commission plans do not suit business, and they cannot be implemented because of various reasons. With investing in the sales commission software, it is quite an easier way to establish even the complex plans as well as ease administration. The complete process would be a suitable option for enabling businesses to design and implement a plan that suits current needs.

Avoids Double Data Entry In The Sales Commission:

When you have the sales commission tools, it is a convenient option for getting data directly into the systems. It would automatically ensure that no data is entered twice. Accurate reading makes it completely helpful for the business to the extent.


Transparent communication would be less confusing among salespeople, and it is helpful for rectifying any query. These are the perfect option for solving the effort regarding the commission issues. ElevateHQ is ready to provide you with the best sales commission software without any hassle.

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