Buying a smartwatch is not easy. There is a huge range of devices, and more and more manufacturers are launching their proposals on the market. Deciding on one is not easy, and even less when we are looking for the best. Not the best in quality/price ratio, not the cheapest, not the prettiest, but the best smartwatch, the most complete, the one that offers the best experience.

That is why at Engadget, we have compared six of the best watches currently available on the market. We have put them face to face, we have tested and analyzed them to, in this way, see which one gets the throne of “best smartwatch of 2021 “. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

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Our Recommended if you have an Android mobile: Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

Our recommended watch for those users who have an Android mobile is the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS from Mobvoi. It is a watch with WearOS, so it is compatible with Google Play applications, and it is perfectly understood with any Android smartphone. Besides, it is a very beautiful watch, with a design reminiscent of traditional analogue watches and quite premium materials.

WearOS has generally come under fire for not keeping up with other operating systems like Tizen, but thanks to the Snapdragon 4100, Qualcomm’s new processor for watches, this has changed. WearOS feels extremely fluid on this watch and offers an outstanding experience. It is a fluid watch with a huge number of functions. It allows you to do everything, from controlling your home automation system with Google Assistant to responding to notifications.

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The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has WearOS, and Thanks to the Snapdragon 4100 Processor, and it goes very, very Fluid

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is a good companion for day-to-day and awareness of our health and physical condition. Thanks to Google Fit, you can access a huge number of sports modes for monitoring. Besides, it has a built-in GPS and SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen level. It is a round watch in almost every respect.

Another point that draws attention is the double screen. The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS has a low power FSTN display and an OLED array perfectly visible in broad daylight. Thanks to this system, we can watch the watch without fear that the battery will drain faster than necessary. It’s a unique feature of this watch, and it scores points.

Its price is 299.99 euros, and it is only available in one size. It is a high price, it is true, but we can get a versatile, complete, beautiful and well-finished watch by paying for it. It is a safe bet and a product that does not disappoint if we connect it to an Android mobile.

Our Recommended if you have an iPhone: Apple Watch Series 6

There is no possible discussion. If you have an iPhone, the watch best understood with it is the Apple Watch Series 6. It is the only watch in the entire comparison that allows you to fully exploit the iPhone’s capabilities, enabling you to respond to notifications and the only one that can access Siri to control the Apple ecosystem. The Apple Watch Series 6 is made by and for the iPhone and shows from the first moment.

It’s a nice, well-built, premium watch with a display that’s delightful. The autonomy is enough to reach two days of use without a major problem, and the operating system is complete. What’s more, it has its application store that we can use to expand the watch’s functions. All that, unfortunately, we can only take advantage of it if we have an Apple mobile.

An Apple Watch Series 6 is the only smartwatch that understands well with iPhones

Apple knows how to create an ecosystem of connected devices and how to exploit it through its devices. The Apple Watch, in the end, is still an extension of that ecosystem. Indeed, it is not the most suitable watch if we are looking for a smartwatch with a more “analogue” design. However, if we are willing to sacrifice some function, such as not being able to respond to notifications, we can opt for a cheaper alternative.

In any case, if we want the best smartwatch and we have an iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the undisputed winner. Its price is 459 euros if we want it 44 millimetres and 429 euros if we want it 40 millimetres, a matter of taking into account the size of our wrist.

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