The rapidity of data transmission is what every SmartPhone user cries out for. 4 G is the new technology in data transmission, which will meet the demands of smartphone users.

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 What is it?

In telecommunications, 4G is the acronym used to refer to the fourth generation of mobile phone technologies. It is the replacement for 2G and 3G technologies.
That’s the Wikipedia explanation; In a more straightforward answer, 4G is the next generation in mobile data transmission.

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What is it for?

If you have a smartphone and don’t have Wi-Fi, your browsing speed must be inferior. It does not trouble if you bought the most expensive smartphone on the market; the level of steering will not meet your difficulties. The only item you will see is the minute circle going round and round. 4G will make your life easier when browsing the internet through your cell phone. It will meet the demands of users, which is nothing more than the speed of data transmission.

When can we use it?

The government announced the tender for the spectrum available for 4G networks and the remainder of 3G, which will be a relief for users.
The announcement did not establish when the tender will occur, but it does speak of the obligation of companies to deploy 4G technology in a maximum of five years.

Argentina will tender 4G bands of 1700/2100 Mhz and 700 Mhz. Simultaneously, the space ceded by Movistar after the merger of Unifón and Movicom will finally remain offered free since 2008 and which in 2012 led to the creation of Libre. Ar, a state firm that would rent the spectrum to cooperatives throughout the country. But it never worked.

When the plan remains completed, the radio spectrum will remain raised from the current 170 Mhz to 380 Mhz, which is only surpassed in the region by Brazil and Colombia, with 574 and 412 Mhz, respectively.

What equipment will be compatible?

Just as years ago, the pressing question was, “do you have 3G?” today, the same thing happens, though with different aims and responses.

Maximum of the high-end smartphones offered today has 4G, something that will continue to be hopeless if it remains unused outside of Argentina on a compatible network.

How to know if it is compatible? The device must clearly say that it works in LTE Band 4 or LTE Band 17. That is, in the frequencies 1,700 and 2,100 Mhz and the 700 Mhz, respectively. However, some of the models that are sold in Argentina are not of the 4G version.

Beyond this, it is necessary to consider that the 4G network’s deployment will take time to complete because of the tender times and the demand to extend the new network, something that will indeed happen first in the cities and most populated areas of Argentina.
Therefore, before buying a piece of new equipment, it is best to wait until the network is operational.

Norberto Berner, Secretary of Communications, gave an idea to understand what 4G will offer once implemented.
He pointed out that emails’ reception will be instantaneous, while with 3G, it takes 2 seconds. The use of an MP3 will take 1.8 seconds against the 24 seconds of 3G.
Downloading YouTube videos will take 7.4 seconds compared to 96 seconds for 3G technology, while 4G will allow you to watch HD television, not available with 3G.

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