Smartphones are small computers, after all, and it might be a shame to leave them in a drawer to get dusty. Maybe you never thought about it, but you could use it as a webcam or storage space or even a security camera or baby monitor. In short, the ideas are lots of, and all solutions can remain to engage in even without having too much technical knowledge. Here are a lot of tools that can remain integrated to increase the functions of the phone and many applications to download on the Google Play Store.

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Android Smartphone: From Webcam to Video Games

To turn your phone into a webcam, use the front camera and download a particular application like Zoom or Skype that allows you to chat, video call, and meet remotely – useful features if you work smart. Now this case, you can place the smartphone in obverse of your laptop or, in any case, at the workplace, to always have it ready and charged for video conferencing. Not too old, its front camera will indeed have a better quality than your computer’s built-in webcam or microphone and thus enhance the meeting experience. Not to mention, this way, you avoid downloading apps on the new phone, saving valuable space.

From Android Smartphones to External Memory or Music Player

Don’t forget that your old phone is a valuable container for data and files accumulated over the years. You can take photos with the new device and send them immediately to the old one. Alternatively, you can use your old phone exclusively to take pictures, just like a real compact camera. This way, you will always have photos inside, and you won’t have to worry about transferring them from one device to another. Not to mention, you can take it to “dangerous” places where it would have trouble carrying your new smartphone. An example? The beach where the phone could get dirty with sand or seawater. Not to mention, you can turn your phone into a music player – just load up your favorite playlists or take advantage of the connection and listen to the music stream.

From Smartphone to Smart Remote and Google Home
Do you want to see a series on Netflix? Download the application on the old smartphone and press play to start watching the content. Do you want to do the same with Amazon Prime Video, Now Tv, or Disney Plus? Very good: launch the app and choose the content to broadcast on television. In short, your old Android smartphone has become your smart remote control, always keeping you close to your TV. You can use it safely at home, especially if you love to watch movies and series ever on the same TV. As before, this solution also allows you to save memory on your new phone.

If you have smart bulbs, you can sync your phone with those too. In this case, the Android smartphone will transform into a smart remote. It is unnecessary to download additional applications; the only requirement is to have the Google assistant active. To test it out, say “Ok Google” and make sure the phone responds to voice commands. Next, you need to associate the phone with a Bluetooth speaker.

From Android Smartphones to Security Camera

Sensation safe in your own home is essential, and it is necessary to control the situation, especially when we are not there. Appreciation for new technologies makes it possible to download an application that transforms the phone into a security camera. Among the many, we highlight the Alfred camera that can remain downloaded on both iPhone and Android. This tool controls the home while we are at work, shopping, traveling, or traveling. In this way, the mobile phone, thanks to the front camera, will control the house’s corners. Of course, you cannot monitor the entire home, but only the camera is pointing next. The advice is to insert it in front of the door or other access points to the house, naturally in a hidden place that does not indicate the photographic sensor’s presence.

Turn your Android Smartphone keen on a Baby Monitor

Alfred Camera can also turn your phone into a handy baby monitor. But there are also other specific applications, one of them is called Sleep, and of course, it is available for Android. Just install it on both cell phones and turn it on: the phones will communicate with each other, the one in the child’s room will show images and sounds to the parents who can rest easy at home. For example, it is useful when you have dinner guests, and the children are sleeping in their room. The phone allows you to control them while at the table or elsewhere in the house.

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