Coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) are essential for producing specialized items and machinery. In 2021, the global CMM market was worth USD 2.8 billion, a value expected to reach USD 4.3 billion by 2026. Due to their expected precision amidst heavy workload requirements, CMMs will cost your business a considerable amount of money.

Buying a used CMM is an advisable alternative to purchasing a brand-new machine for your manufacturing business. Many equipment retailers have used CMM machines for sale, so they are relatively easy to find.

In this post, we will explore its main functions and how a used CMM could function just as well compared to a brand-new piece of machinery.

What Is a CMM?

A coordinate-measuring machine, or a CMM, is a piece of equipment that measures the dimensions of physical objects through a probe using coordinate technology. With a CMM, you can accurately measure any object’s length, width, and depth necessary to your manufacturing process.

A well-programmed CMM helps speed up the manufacturing process while producing accurate results every time. It minimizes the time and staffing required for ensuring consistency and accuracy, which are integral to good manufacturing.

Why Buy a Used CMM

There are many reasons why some businesses opt to buy used or secondhand equipment. The same applies to CMMs. Below are a few reasons why your business should consider getting a used CMM:


CMMs are made to last for decades, and a well-serviced secondhand CMM could still perform well despite losing its brand-new status.

If you run a small operation and cannot afford or justify the cost of a brand-new CMM, used or refurbished ones will perform just as fine.

CMM functions have remained pretty much the same since their inception in the 1950s, and for many businesses, an older, used model would still perform well in modern applications.


A CMM is a significant investment, especially if you buy a brand-new model. Brand-new CMMs often start at around USD 30,000 for a small, basic model. Larger, more advanced models cost a lot more, reaching prices in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you buy a used CMM, you could save around 30 to 60 percent of the original cost, according to industry practitioners. These are significant savings for a piece of specialized equipment.

Availability of Parts

If you choose to buy a used CMM, you won’t need to worry about repairs or possibly obsolete parts and models.

Despite many used machines being a few to several years old, spare parts remain in production and are widely available.

Often, used CMM dealers already have equipment parts in stock and offer repair services whenever you need them.

Is a Used CMM Appropriate for My Business?

A CMM is a significant investment for any organization, and you need to weigh your needs appropriately. Aside from the money, you will also need to invest in training to handle such equipment properly.

If you have to manufacture complex parts or equipment, a CMM would be a great asset to the quality of your products. Getting a used CMM would help you reach the desired quality without spending as much money as you would on a brand-new machine.

Review The Advantages of Buying a Used CMM.

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