Knowing the motherboard model that we have installed inside our computer case is essential when updating our system. In no other way can we know the capabilities of those who have this.

Therefore, we will not know if our motherboard supports the processor that we had planned to install without knowing them. Or the type of RAM. In this object, we will show you how we can find out this information.

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Using the Windows Console

If we do not have any third-party program that can give us this information, an efficient way to find out is through the Windows command console. To do this, the first thing we have to do is take out the command console. To do this, click the «Windows + R« keys at the same time. In the window that will open, we will write the command «cmd. «

We will press «Enter,» and the command console will open. Now we must write the commands baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serial number” and press “Enter” again.

Be careful; the letters of the code that you have just seen must be written exactly like this, without spaces after the commas, or else the code will not work.

As you can see, it is Windows itself that gives us the motherboard model, which was just what we were observing. However, you must recognize that accustomed to the information that other programs give us; this method is somewhat sparse in the data it offers us.

Yes, we will know the motherboard model, but its parameters will have to originate on the manufacturer’s website.

With the System Information Application

Another way to check the motherboard model we have installed is by using the System Information utility. The best way is to press the “Windows + R” keys again and type the command “msinfo32” on the screen that has opened.

We will execute that command, and the following window will open.

As you can see, it shows the motherboard model that we have installed. Similarly, as in the previous example, the amount of detail that this method offers us is practically nil. Therefore, we must visit the website of the plate manufacturer to learn more about it.

With the CPU-Z Program

Although we already did an extensive tutorial on the CPU-Z program some time ago, it is worth remembering that we will also be able to know this information about our motherboard with this program.

To do this, you have to start it and select the «Mainboard» tab.

Physical inspection of the Motherboard

As a last resort, we can always visually inspect the surface of our motherboard. The model that it is will always be printed on it.

It would help if you kept in mind that each manufacturer silkscreen the model in the position that suits them best. And that position doesn’t have to be easy to read.

Therefore, to consult the model of the plate, the steps that you will have to do are:

  • turn off the computer
  • turn off the power supply
  • drain the capacitors, holding down the power button for 10 seconds
  • disconnect it from the outlet
  • remove the cover on the left side

With the help of a flash, you can probably see it. Although, depending on the number of expansion cards you have connected to the board, you may have to remove some of them.

This procedure should only remain used if, for whatever reason, nothing of the above operations can remain complete on that PC. For example, the PC does not turn on or does not boot.

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