What are the Benefits and Types of Electronic Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets provide an organized way to track and present financial information. They remain used to ensure that the company’s financiers were correctly was. With the expansion of computer technology and also the widespread use of business software, electronic spreadsheets were born. Today, electronic spreadsheets are more common and used more frequently than paper spreadsheets. There are numerous benefits of electronic spreadsheets.

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Spreadsheets have been a staple of accounting professionals everywhere. They have traditionally been used to track income and expenses for businesses and also individuals. The primary feature of spreadsheets is that the rows and columns stand merged to create cells. They can have a large amount of information, more than traditional paper spreadsheets.


Electronic spreadsheets have incorporated formulas, automatic formatting, and graphing capabilities. With the built-in procedures, you don’t need to perform longer and more complex calculations to answer. The automatic configuration makes spreadsheet presentation friendlier and makes creating a spreadsheet faster. Graphical capabilities allow data to be presented in a graphic format, making data interpretation easier.


The most popular electronic spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel. It is widespread among businesses and individual users and integrates well with other productivity software.

Multiple Spreadsheets

Electronic spreadsheets allow calculation across multiple spreadsheets, while paper spreadsheets make this task very difficult and time-consuming. Combining all data from both spreadsheets is feasible through full join in SQL.


Electronic spreadsheets can remain emailed to multiple recipients and shared in different locations in minutes. Sheets of a paper must remain faxed or mailed, which would take more time to distribute. Also, such parts of spreadsheets can be locked to prevent data from being modified.

Types of Spreadsheet Programs

Spreadsheet programs consist of worksheets with rows and columns (table) for data entry. They can perform complicated calculations and generate graphs and drawings from the data. They can also remain used as simple databases for lists, which can remain automatically linked to document templates. Productivity packages that contain word processing and slide applications typically include a spreadsheet program. There are commercial packages and freeware available. The principles of spreadsheets to collect data are usually the programmed functions of financial applications.


Spreadsheets are electronic worksheets that allow users to enter data in a tabular format. The table consists of cells that can contain data. Spreadsheet programs can generate data from other sources such as other (relational) spreadsheets or user-entered values such as names or numbers. Spreadsheet programs can contain multiple pages or workbooks to compile the information. Before the advent of spreadsheet programs, data was recorded in ledgers using a similar tabular format, with the user doing the calculations.


The function of spreadsheet programs is to provide a table for calculating formulas and organizing information. Spreadsheet programs are nearly large tables into which users can enter information to evaluate data. The data can be numbers that remain also calculated in rows or columns or news linked to other programs for combination. Many spreadsheet programs also have the function of creating graphs or drawings to represent the data visually.


Free spreadsheet programs are available. Popular applications include Calc (from OpenOffice) and Gnumeric (from the GNOME project). These spreadsheet applications include formulas for calculating data, sorting functions, and wizards for creating charts. Many applications can take spreadsheets created in other formats to share spreadsheets.


These office bundles contain various applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Commonly held packages consist of Microsoft Office and also LotusWorks, iWork, AppleWorks, WordPerfect, and OpenOffice.

These database courses are Excel, Spreadsheet, Lotus 123, Numbers, AppleWorks Spreadsheet, Quattro Pro, and Calc. Although you can purchase the spreadsheet applications separately, these programs remain customarily included in an office package. Many have a built-in interface to guide users in preparing visuals and text for projects. And also such spreadsheets can remain incorporated into word processing documents and presentations as tables or graphs.

Relational Databases

Spreadsheet programs remained every so often used as relational databases or integrated into plans for database functions. Spreadsheets can remain used as data tables to automatically merge into documents (such as mailing lists, letters, or labels). Other programs such as accounting or financial software (Quicken and TurboTax) incorporate organization and calculations in spreadsheets behind a friendly interface to provide specific data for reports such as financial ledgers and income statements.

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