Gaming Laptops of the MomentGaming Laptops of the Moment

The improved power of gaming or gaming laptops has remained noticed in recent years, and many users prefer to opt for a laptop as their primary equipment.

The convenience of carrying it from one place to another is an advantage for not spending more than necessary on a laptop that they will need anyway and on a desktop computer.

This article proposes to help you see what is currently in the market for gaming laptops —also called laptops in some Latin American countries, and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. There are some with good worth for money, inexpensive and also the most powerful on the market.

Several tips remain involved to consider when buying a gaming laptop since you have to pay attention to the possible noise they make, what they get hot, or the screen’s performance.

Things to keep in mind in a Gaming Laptop

Those with less knowledge of the mechanisms that make up a gaming laptop may find it difficult to estimate for themselves which computer is more or less powerful. Also, those who have been presently incoherent for some time may have problems when choosing.

That is why below is a review of a gaming laptop’s different elements to help you choose the laptop that best outfits your requirements.

Visuals pass

To talk around the components of a laptop for gamers, I will start with the graphics card. According to its power, a processor must well attend this element, something that I will mention in more detail in the next section.

For those who want to play 1080p in medium quality in most games, a GTX 1050 will suffice. It is also the minimum required for a gaming/gaming laptop to achieve minimal fluidity and image details.

Starting with a GTX 1650, it is already a sound graphics card to play at 1080p and high/ultra quality depending on the game, and the GTX 1660 Ti is already an outstanding one for 1080p.


The courage center of a laptop is the processor, and it must convey the select visuals pass. A CPU like the Core i5-9300H is enough to move a GTX 1650 down, and for a GTX 1660 Ti, a Core i7-9750H would be more recommended.

CPUs like the Core i7-9850H are suitable for graphics like the RTX 2070 or 2080 if you have a 120 or 144 Hz screen on the laptop. 4K with high-end visuals, a Core i7-9750H will serve.


RAM is one of the few objects that can remain upgraded on a gaming laptop, and it is usually easily accessible, usually by removing a few screws and a cover. 8 GB is sufficient to get good performance from a GTX 1050 Ti type graphics card downwards, although some games will require 12 or 16 GB of RAM to work correctly.

The laptop memory used is in SO-DIMM format, more compact than the DIMM of desktop PCs. The computers to play have at most two memory banks to have up to 32 GB.

Some cheaper equipment could come with only one memory bank, so it is a point to look before buying, mainly if an 8 GB module occupies it, and you want to have 16 GB since it resolves to be lost.


The screens of gaming laptops tend to focus on TN technology in the cheapest ones. It provides good response times, although the color quality is usually not as good as IPS panels, often used in laptops that exceed 800 or 900 euros. They generally use 60 Hz panels, although there is an increasing number of screens with 120 Hz and even 144 Hz refreshments.

They allow us to see the games much more fluid and better response from the player to changes in the environment, although this improvement will be more evident for some people than others.

For these screens, a moderately powerful graphics card, such as a GTX 1650 or a GTX 1660 Ti, is recommended and to reach those frame rates in a more significant number of games. Still, in esports or esports games – Overwatch, League of Legends, etc.

It won’t be uncommon to hit 120Hz on cards like the GTX 1650 if the graphics settings are correctly adjusted.

Refrigeration method

The issue of temperatures and noise generally worries a particular sector of gamers/gamers because laptops replace their desktop computers both inside and outside the home.

That is why they want a computer that is, above all, silent. Though, trendy the field of gaming laptops, that is a utopia, unless it goes to cheaper graphics cards such as an MX 150 or, in some cases, a GTX 1050 in computers with a sound refrigeration system.

The most powerful machines, with a GTX 1660 Ti / RTX 2060, RTX 2070, or RTX 2080, include advanced dual-fan cooling systems and an improved heat pipe system. Like any electronic system, the more a laptop consumes, the more heat it will give off.

That leads to higher cooling requirements, and therefore more noise. Thick gaming laptops are often quite noisy, and therefore difficult not to notice the noise they make unless you are wearing headphones.


It is almost essential in a gaming computer that it comes with an SSD of at least 128 GB so that the operating system runs perfectly smooth. Installing the operating system and the games on the same hard disk can and will cause the computer to slow down in general, and the condition will be detected, especially

when loading maps, although this has to do with the low speed of file reading small sizes of hard drives versus SSDs.

The difference between a SATA3 type SSD and a PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe type is very noticeable in sequential and random read / write, but you will not notice the difference on a standard gaming computer.

Payable to how the SSD works, the recommended thing is at least 250 GB, and there is no major problem in opting for a cheap SATA3 SSD. PCIe can come in handy to load game maps even faster, but the difference is not noticeable in most titles.

Keyboard, touchpad, and mice

Laptop and peripheral companies tend to link the concept of gaming with colored lights. In gaming laptops, things are no different, and it is normal to find some lighting in them, and generally centered on the keyboard.

Laptops include keyboards with membrane-type switches, and only the most expensive and occasionally include mechanical switches of some kind. These membrane keys are generally suitable for gaming. However, they will not feel particularly distinctive, and many will want to purchase a separate keyboard to play on the laptop while at home. Some will have keys with a shorter travel, and others something longer.

Sound system

Gaming laptops tend to be noisy, so having a headset on hand is ideal. And if not to avoid laptop noise, it will take an excellent headset to communicate in the myriad of online games out there today.

Notebook sound quality improvements focus on improved codecs and amplification systems, high-resolution sound, etc. They are improvements that, if you do not have good headphones, will go unnoticed.

Acer Marauder Helios 300

The Predator Helios 300 laptop is an inexpensive individual on the market with a GeForce RTX 2060 or a GTX 1660 Ti, so it can be a more than an exciting option for those who want maximum graphic power in their equipment at a reasonable price. However, that power and its low price lead to cuts in other aspects, although they do not detract from the final product.

The processor is a powerful Core i7-9750H, with 8 or 16 GB of RAM and several SSD options. The cover is made of aluminum and is generally well made and durable. Only the 2.5-inch hard drive and the two SO-DIMM memory banks are well accessible.

The keyboard and touchpad are relatively standard. The 15.6-inch FHD screen with 120 Hz refresh, although depending on the specific model purchased, will reach 250 nits of maximum brightness or close to 400 nits. It has an HDMI output, two or three USB 3.0, a USB 3.1 type C, an Ethernet, and an SD card reader.

Review The Best Gaming Laptops of the Moment 2020.

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