Amazon Super

Online shopping has allowed people to no longer depend on the time and place to go to a store and buy the products they need. A new alternative to ordering your super from home is Amazon, with its new Amazon Super section.

Now you want to apply for a credit card online to buy food and necessities without going to a supermarket.

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How does Amazon Super Work?

Amazon Super is a new section that Amazon Mexico makes available to the public to purchase food and necessities without having to go to a supermarket, with the option of programming a recurring order to receive the items at your home from one to another. Two days.

Through Amazon Supermarket, you will find products such as milk, detergent, oil, shampoo, soft drinks, coffee, deodorants, etc.

You distributed in 12 categories that allow you to explore the variety of products on offer. It depends on the number of items you buy and the frequency you schedule your purchases. You self-control keep on in your own right to a discount of 5, 10 to 20%.

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What are the Benefits of Buying through Amazon Super?

Among the benefits it offers you is the ease of purchase, distribution logistics, and discounts when paying.

Most traditional supermarkets do not have a well-structured online store that allows their customers to quickly navigate to buy and receive their items at their doorstep.

It depends on the mode you choose when buying on Amazon Super, you will have certain benefits, these are:

Benefits for buying with a single order:

  • It is not necessary to have an Amazon Prime membership.
  • When you buy five items or more, you get a discount of 5% when paying.

Benefits for buying with Plan y Ahorra:

  • You get a 5% discount on all your purchases more significant than five products or a 10% discount when accumulating ten items.
  • It allows you to schedule monthly deliveries from one item.
  • If you choose products from the Amazon Family category and program recurring orders, you get a total discount of 20% at checkout.
  • It is possible to combine your discount with Amazon’s promotions such as deals of the day, flash offers, and featured offers.

How to apply the Discount to your Purchases at Amazon Super?

It remains considered the first time you buy, the amount of your order, and even if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

In this way, you will not have to go to an establishment to make your pantry since Amazon Super will send the products to your home with the option of applying a discount on your purchases. Please tell us what your capability is when placing an order and if it is a genuine alternative that you use.

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