7 Ways You Can Use JavaScript


When you visit a website, you interact with the front-end. The website design that you see is, for the most part, created by JavaScript. JavaScript lets you add dynamic ranges to a website, and it also helps you add audio, video, animation, etc. Additionally, you can add polls, questions, login credentials, etc., to extract complete customer information. According to a recent survey by Stack Overflow, we can consider JavaScript as one of the most popular languages on Earth. Even the back-end developers look for JavaScript online to execute their websites efficiently.

In the age of rapid digitization today, the front-end is crucial because it determines the traffic on your website. Website traffic is critical if you are looking to beat the online competition. You want customers to visit your website and have a fulfilling experience. If you are building a design for an e-commerce website, you will have to execute JavaScript in a way that leads the customers to checkout without any glitches.

Further, JavaScript can also be utilized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO basically determines the ranking of your website in search results. If you use particular keywords efficiently, you can be assured of quality traffic on your website. Since businesses are shifting their operations online because of improved efficiency and convenience, the need for front-end developers is rising. Also, a skilled front-end developer is one that can use JavaScript efficiently.

Here are seven ways you can use JavaScript:

Building Websites

When the World Wide Web (www) and HTML were introduced to the audience, people knew only about static websites. These websites had plain text, and they looked boring prima facie. Also, people could not see any dynamic motions on the website, which made the website less desirable.

However, with businesses starting their operations online, the market for better alternatives to HTML and CSS arose. Currently, HTML only provides structure to the website, which means it determines the skeletal design. CSS, on the other hand, is responsible for font size, color, and text.

Therefore, HTML and CSS are the starting point of website building, which are taught in almost every MCA program. However, we can now add an element of JavaScript to the mix. Brendan Eich introduced the world to JavaScript in 1995, and people have been using it effectively ever since.

JavaScript helps in making the website more attractive by adding audio, video, animation, etc., that can appeal to the audience. Therefore, the first and most widespread use of JavaScript is in building websites.

Web Applications

As the online space grew, the demand for web applications arose. Also, personal computers got better and better with each generation in terms of performance. Therefore, the use of JavaScript also evolved.

People found a way to incorporate this language in web application design to create an efficient output. For instance, we all use Google Maps on our PC. Now, if you click on a specific location and zoom in, you will notice the details of the area being filled in.

This extraordinary feat is possible because of JavaScript. We can use JavaScript to create contemporary web applications that have multifaceted uses. JavaScript is adapting to the changing times. Therefore, we can witness some new additions to the language that can help you build an efficient application.


JavaScript is a terrific way to prepare catchy presentations. If you know how to use HTML and CSS, you can combine that knowledge with the use of JavaScript, and you are good to go. You can add plenty of slides and add any dynamic range you want.

You can use this presentation internally or attach it to the concerned website. Presentations can entail details about the website and the business’s goals and objectives, which can help establish a relationship with the user visiting the website.

If you are interested in creating a dynamic presentation via JavaScript, you can use RevealJS, which is the JavaScript equivalent to PowerPoint or Keynote. However, you must be fluent with HTML and CSS if you want to operate this application smoothly.

For people who are strangers to HTML and CSS, slides.com is the best alternative. This is a slide deck that uses RevealJS and is a web-based application to create JavaScript presentations.

Server Applications

JavaScript has several front-end uses, but we must remember that it is not limited to that. Today, the need for database creation and management is more than ever. Cloud computing engineers are highly needed these days. Therefore, we can also see several back-end developers acquiring an interest in JavaScript. Cloud computing is the future, and skilled people in this discipline are in high demand. There are several platforms that provide degree courses via online mode. Enroll yourself in cloud computing courses to explore more about the subject.

With the help of tools like NodeJS, we can create browser-like designs for the servers. NodeJS was introduced a while back, but it has proved to be revolutionary in server application and management. Established companies like Walmart have already incorporated NodeJS in their back-end infrastructure.


Yes, you heard it right! You can now create browser-based games using JavaScript. Browsers have never been a go-to platform to play games, and the reason is that browsers did not have efficient back-end infrastructure to support complex modules.

Also, games have a complex code and algorithm that slows down the website. However, JavaScript has changed all that because it has simplified complex coding by using numerous support tools.

For example, HTML5 canvas is a handy tool to create browser games with complex features. Also, it helps add design and deep-rooted elements to it. Several websites that serve as an education platform utilize browser games to teach introductory concepts to students.

It should come as no surprise that today there are games about programming itself. Therefore, with JavaScript, you can unleash your creativity and use it any way you want.


As discussed earlier, JavaScript can add animation and other dynamic features to a web page. Currently, the animation you can create using JavaScript is usually 2D, and you can also add a suitable background score to it.

However, with the advent of support tools such as HTML5, you can even create 3D animation for your website. While operating this tool, look for the canvas feature, and you will be good to go. In the era of digitization, art has been no exception.

Today, we see people registering their digital work as non-fungible tokens or NFTs and selling it for millions of dollars online. Therefore, do not limit your JavaScript potential.

Smartwatch Apps

This is restricted use of it since it only applies to Pebble smartwatches. Pebble modified JavaScript so people could use it to design applications that are compatible with the Pebble line of products. The new JavaScript is known as Pebble.JS. Therefore, any application you create via this Script will only be compatible with Pebble watches.

But, it is good to think that brands are investing in front-end languages. We can hope that other brands will follow this path soon because JavaScript offers seamless possibilities. As of now, Pebble has a minimal market share, so we don’t see many developers using Pebble.JS.


JavaScript is the language of front-end developers. However, recently with the advent of NodeJS, we can see back-end uses of JavaScript too in server applications and design. Therefore, it is safe to say that JavaScript is an ever-evolving language with endless benefits.

If you wish to make a career in web design and development, you must be fluent with JavaScript and all the support tools. With Great Learning, you can learn how to design with it in the easiest way possible. Also, you get access to industry experts in your MCA course who will teach you everything about the latest JavaScript tools.

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