5 Essential Types Of Tech For Truck Drivers


As a truck driver, it is important to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to tech. There are all kinds of technologies, gadgets and accessories that truck drivers can use these days that will improve their truck driving experience in many different ways. It can also be hard to know what the best tech is when there are so many different types and they are constantly changing, so what is the essential tech that every truck driver should be using? This article will look at a few of the key pieces of tech and how they could improve your job and life.

1. GPS System

Any truck driver that is not using an advanced GPS system in today’s day and age is making work much harder than it need be. A GPS system can take care of the route planning for you, including factoring in real-time information like traffic and weather. This means that you do not have to worry about getting lost or finding your own way and can simply listen to the directions.

2. Load Boards

Truck drivers should also be using load boards as a way to find shipping work. You can find a great site for browsing work that is available, which will help you to find a steady stream of shipping work and maximize your income. Load boards are particularly useful for those that are just getting started as you can find a steady stream of work and build up your reputation.

3. Coffee Maker

It can be tough behind the wheel when you need a hot cup of coffee but don’t have time to pull over, or you are in the middle of nowhere with no gas station nearby. This is not an issue when you have your own in-cab coffee maker, though, which will allow you to enjoy a hot cup whenever you feel the need while driving.

4. Smartphone

A smartphone is a powerful device that can serve many purposes while on the road. In addition to various truck driving apps that can be useful and serve a variety of purposes, you will find that a smartphone can help in many other ways as well. This includes keeping in touch with customers, dispatchers, and your family while on the road, getting traffic updates, listening to podcasts and music, and watching videos when you are taking a break, just as a few examples. Just make sure that you have a charger in the truck as well!

5. Stereo System

It is also important to have a good stereo system in the truck. This will allow you to keep your mind occupied on those long stretches, whether you are rocking out to your favourite album or listening to an interesting podcast.

These are a few of the best types of tech that every truck driver can benefit from using right now. Tech can help a truck driver in many different ways, which could make your job easier and more enjoyable.

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