About 3D Printing

Although some distrust the scope that 3D printing can achieve, the truth is that this sector of the technology industry is gaining strength every day, and many are betting on it.

Perhaps it is because of the possibility of creating a custom object quickly or because simply any design can be transformed into a reality. Besides, 3D printing is being introduced in many sectors of the market to facilitate processes, and today many things need this technology to work. Still not clear about what 3D printing can do?

Here are some practical uses you didn’t know about that will show you why 3D printing is useful everywhere.

1. Limb Prosthetic

One of the most innovative practical uses of 3D printing so far known is its inclusion in medicine. Thus, the vast majority of parts of the human body can now replace a similar part created in 3D, with specific dimensions and requirements. This utility significantly impacts the history of technology and human beings because now lives saved thanks to 3D printing’s ingenuity.

2. Model Design

3D model printing in architecture adds a sophisticated and almost lifelike style to constructing a construction project. This type of model allows you to save time in the design creation stage and observe fine details of the final project, which is not possible with a traditional model. If the scale models are worthy of admiration, imagine how majestic one built-in 3D printing can be. Did you know that the model in Barranquilla complete with a Prusa Tairona 3D printer?

3. Mechanical Parts

New solutions to problems commonly presented in industrial design engineering have brought the possibility of building mechanical parts in 3D printing. In this way, the mechanical part’s manufacturing time reduces, the work time invested is optimized, and creating large quantities of objects, money saved. One of the 3D printers that allow you to achieve this type of creation is the Pegasus.

4. Jewelry Design

Large jewelry manufacturing companies are daring to prototype their jewelry in a 3D print, as they have noticed that it helps reduce manufacturing time to a few hours. Thanks to this practical use, however, complicated the construction of a jewel may seem, it can be completely ready in just one day.

5. Common Objects

Any primary elements, such as accessories, toys, figures, es, or simple pieces, can be built in a 3D print if you have enough knowledge to achieve it. A doll designed to your liking, a phrase, or a sketch of your excellent business idea will be fair, practical use that you can take advantage of this type of printing.

6. Creation of Custom Clothing

Granting it will be hard to believe it, there are already people in the world who bet on changing rooms built using 3D printing. It is a practice that is just taking its first steps but recognized personalities in entertainment are already using it. Think of the fury you would cause if you have a 3D printed jacket or any other outfit. You would be the sensation of the block! No?

7. Designing Firearms

Just like you read it! In the United States, this practice is more common than you think. Its government has already announced that it will be almost impossible to control the construction of weapons manufactured in this way. The idea now is not that you invest in a 3D printer to become the great manufacturer of firearms, because this exercise is illegal, but if it is possible to create this type of object, imagine the idea that you can carry out having a!

8. Prototyping

Prototyping through 3D printing helps verify the functionality, design, and characteristics of a final project. Just as in architecture, it is possible to create 3D printed models. For any other work area where it is required to show a prototype model, it can use. If a proposal in Illustrator can convince a client, what could not achieve with a 3D printing prototype? Remember that everything falls in love is through the eyes.

9. Accessories for Phones

In countries with high global development, such as the United States, Germany, Canada. And the Netherlands, creating accessories for your cell phone to your taste and measure is one of the most popular trends. Gone are the conventional mobile phone protectors with figures and Murano stones. Now the new direction will be 3D printing.

10. Parts for Aircraft Manufacturing

Airbus and Boeing aircraft models use 3D printed parts to construct their machines. As they ensure that without them, the proper functioning of the aircraft would not be possible. It shows, for the tenth time, that the uses of 3D printing exceed any limit.

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