Why do hunters pattern their shotguns? You probably wonder why or how hunters look at their shotguns when they go hunting. The real problem is: how come so few hunters do this? Forget deer hunters – they have their gun problems related to rifles.

Gathering your shotgun is one of the most important things to do if you’re a worthy hunter of your slugs. Most hunters don’t care, but it makes a world of difference if you’re hunting turkey, duck, or other highland game. Here’s a quick leader where we’ll talk about why patterns are important, highlight a few methods, and give you essential details you should know.

How Do Hunters Pattern Their Shotgun?

Designing a shotgun isn’t as difficult as it seems; To build a gun, you must choose the type of ammo used. You must make sure you have the right tools and safety equipment.

The primary step is to decide what type of ammo you want to use. The next step is to choose your calibre, which refers to the diameter of the grenade.

You can decide what comes standard with your gun or what you need for your specific purposes.

For the sample, if you want to use a shotgun for skeet shooting, a .410 would be a correct choice as it has a smaller shot size than other shotguns in its class of 12-gauge shotguns.

However, if you’re hunting deer or hogs, you’ll need something bigger, like a 12-gauge shotgun.

Here Are The Steps For You When Collecting Your Shotgun;


  • Prepare properly. And learn about the different types of shotguns, ammunition and safety precautions.
  • Find a location with natural cover and line of sight to the target area.
  • Arm yourself with enough ammo for the desired distance and fire at intervals that allow you to maintain your aiming pattern.
  • When you get close, stop shooting and crawl towards your target until it’s in range to shoot.
  •  Finish off by unpacking all your ammo onto the last crosshair.


Decide what you want to photograph.

Keep your shooting distance short.

Keep the gun steady and level.

Aim at the centre of the target.

Try it.

The Importance Of  Shotguns

Each shotgun has an appropriately sized choke for the type of game, fowling or turkey hunting it is being used on.

Cartridge and choke size depend on several factors, including barrel weight and length, distance to the target, and other variables.

The Importance Of Cartridges And Chokes For Shotguns

When hunting, you must always aim for ethical slaughter and practice a search. There is no real merit if a hunter is forced to execute knockout blows or if he has to shoot again and prolong the animal’s suffering. A shotgun has the power to get clean kills with an adequately modified choke tube and after trying different cartridges. Dealing with these two and maintaining proper constriction will come in very handy when creating patterns. That helps Why Do Hunters Pattern Their Shotguns

Shorter Barrels Shoot High While Longer Barrels Shoot Low

Shorter Barrels why do hunters pattern their shotguns

It is important to remember that throttles and patterns also significantly affect pellet flight. It is not true that the pellets are fired along with their target. Shotguns with shorter barrels, say in the 24″ range, shoot higher than, say, 28″ shotguns. Also, bullets fired from high cress shotguns will move slightly to the left, while low cress models of the same shotgun will move slightly to the right, so keep that in mind. For the most accurate scoring, aim for the 10-15 shot mark and always use a sheet of paper or cardboard to track where the shots land. If they fall lower under the bullseye, adjust the shotgun slightly higher and raise it.

12 Gauge Chokes And Maximum Distances

Choke Diameter Distance (Lead or tungsten shot)
Overbore .735 20 yards
Cylinder .730 20 yds
Skeet .725 25 yds
Improved Cylinder .720 30 yds
Light Modified .715 35 yds
Modified .710 40 yds
Improved Modified .705 45 yds
Light full .700 50 yds
Full .695 55 yds
Extra Full .685 60 yd
Super Full .675 65 yards

*This chart shows optimal performance from a tight patterning shotshell.Why Do Hunters Pattern Their Shotguns

Practice Makes Teachers

We could not agree more. If there is one advice that professional hunters can give us, it is that we must always be persistent. Just because we don’t see results right away doesn’t mean we can’t master them later.

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