These are the most common types of wood and their characteristics.

We are sure that, at some point, you have doubted about using one type of wood or another depending on the work you were going to make. There is a wide range of possibilities for wood, but which one is the best for each occasion? We tell you what the most public types of wood in DIY are.

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Hardwood Types

The different types of hardwoods have the following characteristics. Its origin comes from trees whose growth is slow and, in general, they are highly resistant. Its cost is higher precisely due to its resistance. They usually can present some irregularities in their nature. For this reason, it is more challenging to work with them. DIY wood professionals recommend treating this type of wood with suitable machinery. This way, it will be easier to shape it.

The most common types of hardwood are:

Walnut Wood

it is the perfect wood for furniture, doors, ornaments, and turned elements. It is one of the least dense but hardest woods of all. Its color is dark brown.

Elm Wood

used for the construction of furniture, engravings, boat manufacturing, sculpture, and veneer. It is an optimal wood for this type of work thanks to its resistance to rot.

Mahogany Wood

it usually used to make furniture that requires a little more processing. It has a high resistance due to its high density. This wood is recommended for areas with high humidity since this reddish wood has excellent durability.

Cherry Wood

it has quite a resistance to decomposition. It is delicate but has excellent flexibility. Its original color is very similar to that of coffee, but you must bear in mind that it darkens over time. It is usually used for the manufacture of furniture and coatings as it provides a beautiful decorative touch.

Oak Wood

it has excellent flexibility and durability. It is the most suitable for building floors and interior cladding.

Olive Wood

it is a compact and thick wood. It is highly resistant, and its veins are usually irregular, which makes it more aesthetically attractive if you want to do more artistic or decorative work.

Types of Softwoods

Unlike the previous ones, the kinds of softwoods come from trees with slow growth. It gives them more extraordinary lightness and greater comfort when working with them. It is easier to shape them. Its price is lower than hardwoods.

Among the types of softwoods that most commonly use are the following:


it is a wood that can be used in various ways and is very easy to work. It is possible, thanks to its high elasticity. The most common uses of fir wood are in the manufacture of musical instruments or for packaging. One of the most resistant among soft woods is also often used for wall and ceiling coverings inside buildings.


it is very similar to the earlier one, although it could say that it has a somewhat more uniform texture. Its cost is lower compared to other softwoods, and it is straightforward to work. Its uses are mainly in carpentry, furniture, and panel construction.


it has a high resistance to putrefaction, insects, and fungi. It is a very durable and relatively light softwood. These characteristics, added to its attractive reddish color, make it ideal for constructing tiles, roofs, and furniture cladding.

Natural Wood Types

These are the types of natural woods most used in DIY. There are also a series of artificial woods that, on occasion, can give us the solution to our project. Exactly how you will see, depending on its characteristics and the work you will do, there is a type of wood for every occasion. Whether to treat hard or soft, we recommend that you get a suitable carpentry tool kit to damage them. Here and now that you know each of them’ peculiarities, you can choose which is your perfect wood.

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