There are many different types of decoration, and each one has its identifying stamp. Maybe you also prefer one in particular or perhaps several. Although, perhaps you are still looking for inspiration to give the touch that the house of your dreams needs.

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The Most Viewed and Popular Trends

All types of decoration have their phases and periods. Something that, for a while now, seems to have become very flexible. And it is decades since standardization in the housing sector has stood left behind, as has happened in other sectors.

That is why we can now enjoy this delightful diversity. Let’s review the most popular types of decoration.


We speak of the Vintage style as something timeless, but without a doubt, it transports us to the beautiful 80s and several decades before. A retro and nostalgic touch that is usually pleasant in general. It is possibly because many of us associate it with our grandmothers’ houses, which is why it continues to be so endearing.

It remains characterized by that romantic air that permeates everything. With pastel tones and light colors, always with white very present. Wallpapers and floral motifs are also very common, and curtains with lace, ruffles, and patterns. It is matching, of course, with the cushions.

The furniture is usually from that era; another detail that quickly helps to identify a Vintage decoration. Our recommendation here could remain related to the quantity since it is easy for this style’s rooms to seem ornate. But if the point of balance remains achieved, they are delightful and cozy.


The rustic style is usually prevalent in well-kept rural settings. Since it praises those precious natural materials that marry so well with the environment, in this way, very harmonious respect for the natural environment is transmitted.

It remains distinguished by the use of stone, wood, iron, and other similar elements. The furniture has a robust, reliable, and simple appearance of pure lines and without excess ornaments. The touches of color remain usually achieved with blankets, tapestries, cushions, or through plants and flowers. But brown, raw, and orange predominate with all their variables.

If you think about the rustic style, the exposed beams on the rooms’ ceilings with a fireplace will surely come to mind. Fortunately, two things that you can quickly reproduce in your home today. Do you sign up?


This style is relatively current, and we can see it in commercial premises such as restaurants and in individual homes that seek to break with the usual. You may have been able to identify it in one of the interiors that we sometimes see in American movies.

Their finishes are usually necessary, such as polished concrete or exposed brick, both on walls and floors. We typically talk about high ceilings reminiscent of those in industrial environments, with metal structures or air conditioning pipes and other pipes.

As a result, steels predominate, and sometimes they can be somewhat cold environments. A trick? For this style, combine large murals on your walls: of countries, maps, or modernist painting styles with a light touch of color, perfect!


Although styles like Industrial tend to be relatively modern right now, nothing to do with this type of decoration. Here we are talking about a very current and temporary trend. That brings together the most commercialized elements at the moment and is capable of existence readapted from the only season to another.

A prominent example of this trend is the predominant elements that emerge and change each season. Surely you remember that, a few years ago, you saw pineapples in all the decoration stores. It was something natural, innocent and that filled our cushions, prints, and shelves. Then came the watermelon, which was replaced by the beautiful pink flamingos, and now the cactus is the element that captivates us the most.

This style is very fresh and echoes those little changes in fashions that we love so much. We would be talking about a kind very from the beginning of the century and whose furniture is simple, practical and, for the most part, white.

Classic or contemporary

Please do not confuse this style with Vintage because they are quite different. There are no flashy patterns here, nor does it have to be an ornate environment, although the (wooden) furniture could have different carved shapes. Plaster moldings and other decorations remain also used on ceilings.

Also, we talk about one of the oldest types of decoration that we know. Typical of the most distinguished homes of yesteryear. Armchairs, large framed mirrors, and secretary-type desks. Also, arm lamps or chandeliers, upholstered chairs, and walls in very light colors.

They are neutral and soft environments, although sometimes they have very dark and large furniture. We recommend that you look for classic cabinets or glass cabinets, instead of large pieces of furniture with many compartments.


In this case, it will be easy for you to identify it because it is very reminiscent of everything related to the hippie movement. It is also called hippie chic. And here, undoubtedly, the colors stand out, especially in rugs, cushions, pictures, and decorative elements.

It echoes those free spirits who preferred the simplicity of things and respect for the environment. That is why you will find plants, candles, and other natural elements, as well as recycled objects that remain integrated into the atmosphere.

It is a very diverse decorative style that transmits joy and carefreeness, so it is easy to adapt almost anything.


Without a doubt, the most sparing style in detail. This remains characterized by white backgrounds, clean lines, and very functional and practical furniture, without excesses or too many elements. It is about freeing the spaces of objects and barriers so that they appear broader and more transparent.

It is a style with many followers for the clarity it transmits and the sense of order. Although compared to other types, it may seem that it is half furnished. It is ideal for study and rest places.

A recommendation? Do not forget the plants or plant elements to bring life to these spaces, since sometimes they give the feeling of uninhibited.


The Nordic or Scandinavian style is one of the revelations since it has managed to win over a large group of fans. It is still very functional, but not as minimalist as the previous one. The colors that predominate are light, soft, and transmit calm, such as gray, white, or beige tones.

Here are the decorative elements that provide the touch of warmth. We can include light hints of pink, green, or other, but always soft colors to create cozy environments.

If there is a protagonist here, it is undoubtedly light. That is why whites are very common and, sometimes, even curtains are dispensed with to make the most of the clarity.

As you can see, it is not difficult to give your rooms a concrete and identifying touch. Therefore, it would only be necessary that you choose the one that best suits your style among these types of decoration. At Construbecker, we encourage you to feel like the designer of your dreams and your home.

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