Call of Duty is one of the most popular action games of this era. You will have a great time learning to play it. But let’s also warn that it can be very tough. The game is an all-around battle, especially the battle Royale mode, where 150 players will land on one map to fight to the death. The only good thing is that you can play as part of a team instead of landing alone. So at least you’ll have other people watching your back for danger.

So, if you’re playing Warzone now, we can help you to perform better. With the best warzone cheats and the 7 tips we will share below, your skills will improve. If you’re ready now, discover them below.

7 Warzone Tips for better play

1. Understand the Warzone Maps

There are many reasons to improve your map knowledge before playing Warzone. The game is all about killing or being killed. So, you must optimize all your survival tools, including escape routes, cover, loot locations, hot zones, best positions, etc. For instance, the prominent maps in Warzone are Rebirth Island and Verdansk ’84, and important points include, Airport, Dam, Storage Town, Superstore, Quarry, the TV Station, the Military base, etc.

But you can only identify any of these on the maps if you study them well. So, before landing on the battleground, pick the maps and study them. Even if you might not memorize all, which is not bad, you can still learn the important spots and locations.

2. Familiarize with the available weapons.

Warzone players have a lot of weapons to fight competitively. But they might not work for you if you pick them wrongly and don’t even know how to use your choice. So, take your time to study the weapons stats, recoil system, spray patterns, suitable attachments, and the suitable play style for it. Yes, there are best guns for long-range shots, and there are others for short-range shots.

So, don’t create chaos by picking a terrible weapon and dying early on the battleground. Some of the best Warzone weapons include EM2, XM4, Cold War AK-47, MGL-32 (grenade launcher), C58, Swiss K31. But if you’re a beginner, consider FAL Assault Rifle, M4A1, R9-0 (Dual Shotgun), etc. The secret is using the weapons you understand in Warzone.

3. Don’t think like a lone soldier.

Many players forget that they’re not alone in Warzone. If you’re part of this crew, please always remember your teammates. If you landed as a duo or quad, don’t go shooting and fighting alone. Always plan and execute them in unity to achieve better. Protect your flanks and corners when the fight is tough, so no one is sent to the gulag. Always focus on the object and not how many players you killed.

Also, if you have enough cash, use it to help the team and not to hoard it. When you play in synergy, the results are often mind-blowing in Warzone.

4. Optimize your movement

How you move in Warzone can make or mar you. The first is your attitude which impacts the way you play. Professionals opine that you must move slowly while on the battleground. Even the idea is to avoid camping as many players do. But always move even when you’re behind cover. Don’t stay stagnant any time if you don’t want an early death. Another thing is only to run when it is absolutely necessary to do it. That way, you won’t alert anyone with the running footsteps.

5. Learn the professional playstyle

This game emerged many years ago. So, there are tough gamers who have mastered it and even scored more wins than you imagine. That’s why you can rely on their experience to hone your skills. All you need is to watch them playing and note everything they do that you don’t. Afterward, practice all you’ve learned and watch the boost in your performance. Thankfully, these professionals are on Twitch and YouTube. Some of them include Aydan, Tommey, Almond, Rated, etc.

6. Always protect your well-being in Warzone.

A weak soldier is useless, and that’s why your health must be up to par in Warzone. So, pay attention to your health to know when it is depleting or still at a safe level. Also, don’t forget that your armor plates provide the health points you need. Carry the extra 3 to gain a total of 250HP and also equip an extra 5 to replace damaged plates or give to a team member who’s weak.

7. Practice better aiming

Warzone requires an accurate aiming to land shots. If you’re not sure of killing a target, it’s best to avoid shooting, or you’ll attract attention and bullets. So, take a little time always to practice your aim. First, make sure that your mouse sensitivity is at the right level. Remember, lower sensitivity means more control and high precision. So, keep adjusting it until you get your best level. Moreover, make sure that your mouse pad is of the right size too-larger is better. Lastly, make sure that the “Mouse Acceleration” is off.


Warzone is fun but tough. However, you can improve a lot if you employ the 7 tips above. Also, invest in proven hacks to simplify the whole process. Remember, always study your maps, weapons and strategize your play on the battleground.

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