Now that you’re finally back at the office, it can be hard to get back into the work groove. Even if working from home wasn’t your vibe, getting used to a “new” environment after so long can be a real challenge. Set realistic expectations for yourself but don’t expect to rock everything you did at home the same way. Learn five ways to stay productive when heading back to the office that can help make the transition easier.

Keep Your Calendar Organized

If you’re like most people, your calendar is a cluttered mess. You can’t remember what’s due when, how to set virtual background in teams, and you can’t find anything when you need it. Organizing your calendar can help you be more productive at work.

By organizing your calendar, you’ll be able to plan your time and tasks better. This skill will help you to stay on track and achieve your goals. It will also make it easier to keep on top of your to-dos and plan your day accordingly.

Schedule Social Breaks

Scheduling social breaks to allow for relaxation, communication, and collaboration can help increase productivity. Social breaks allow for:

  • Stress relief opportunities
  • Improved communication skills
  • Building better partnerships
  • Increased energy to stay focused
  • Idea generation and creativity

Establish a New Daily Routine

The truth is, even if you had a routine before your WFH experience, life just isn’t the same now. Now, to increase your productivity, use the google meet virtual background extension, and maximize your time without burning yourself out, a new daily routine is likely in order. By having a set plan for the day, you can block out time for important tasks and avoid distractions. No one routine works for every person, so build yours around your specific priorities.

Break Work Down Into Smaller Tasks

Often, people find it challenging to get work done because they don’t know how to break it down into smaller tasks. By breaking items down into manageable chunks, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, and you’ll be able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

There are a few ways to break down work into smaller tasks to be more productive. One way is to use checklists. Lists of items to be done can help you keep track of your progress and ensure you are completing all of the necessary tasks. Another way to break down work is by categorizing it. You can also prioritize tasks by the due date to ensure you are on top of urgent matters.

Set Goals for Yourself

Another way to be more productive at work is by setting goals and using a virtual office background. Be sure to reward yourself for meeting goals. Setting short-term and long-term goals can help you focus on details and keep the big picture in mind, which is ideal for project management.

  • Define your goal clearly.
  • Make it achievable.
  • Set a clear deadline for yourself.
  • Remember that going through the process is progress.
  • Reward yourself for victories to stay motivated.

Returning to the office can be a daunting task, but it can also be manageable with the right amount of preparation and self-awareness. Remember to put protocols in place to stay productive and make the most of your time back at work.

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