Netflix is great. You pay relatively little per month and have access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and streams of all kinds from all over the world. However, not everything is complimentary, and Netflix affects the rest of the broadcasting industry. The cable is especially vulnerable to streaming services. I have used Netflix for years. It takes provided me with a way to access content from anywhere. As someone who is often out and about, spending an hour with a TV show as a replacement for staring at the wall or aimlessly browsing is a real bonus. I consider viewing to be a complimentary use of my time rather than a waste of time, so this works for me. I have noticed some behavior changes since using Netflix, although I will integrate these into the Netflix pros and cons.

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The Advantages of using Netflix

The positives of Netflix far outweigh the cons, in my opinion. Here are some of them.

Cheap to use with a Free Trial

Netflix offers one month free for new users, and then it’s $ 10 a month. There is a Standard Definition service for $ 8, but who would use it? There is also a UHD option that is $ 12 a month. For that, you can see everything you want, where you want, when you want. You are not tied to a cable or satellite box and can stream content on any device capable of doing so.

Easy to Live With

Netflix has its application for smartphones, applications for smart TV, applications for game consoles, applications for computers, it works in a browser, it works in streaming dongles, and it works almost anywhere. Whichever app or device you use, the experience is mostly the same. The application handles the same on iPhone as it does on a PC. If you use the application on one device, you will intuitively know how to use it on another.

Offline Download and Viewing

If you are traveling or don’t want to rely on your data plan, you can download some offline viewing content. It is an excellent addition and allows you to plan for your trips or anywhere you want to see without the need for an internet connection. Complete with all shows, but some of them allow it.

Netflix Originals

Netflix Originals is how the company pays us for our sponsorship. It is an excellent undertaking that the company invests billions of dollars in putting on its shows. Orange Is the New Black is Netflix creates a Netflix Original, The Crown, The Last Kingdom, Narcos, Designated Survivor, and others for Netflix. He is also investing in making his films.


In addition to new shows and Netflix Originals, there is also the opportunity to catch up on older shows. Netflix features older television such as Supernatural, Friends, Top Gear, Fargo, and others, all offering a blast from the past if you’re ever in the mood for it.

The Downsides of using Netflix

Netflix isn’t all good. However, there are some downsides, as there are with any disruptor.

Reduces the Value of TV and Movies

A common theme with streaming services is that they reduce the value of the media. Because it’s so easy to get, it’s also easy to position. When we used to buy CDs or DVDs, we would watch or listen continuously until we got tired of whatever it was. Now, we see something once, we go ahead and forget it. There is no real sense of value in what we convey.


It is geo-blocked. The Netflix we have here in the US be different quite a bit from Netflix in Europe or Asia. That’s not Netflix’s fault. It is the fault of studios and networks that cling to their outdated licensing models. They continue to think that the world remains separated by the mainland and that different places should pay different prices and have individual licenses.

We have more programming here than anywhere else. Travel to the UK and France to see how different it is!

Too many Options

Have you ever spent more time browsing and trying to choose than watching something on Netflix? It is something familiar in our house. We spend a lot of period browsing the content and can never decide what to watch. Sometimes there are too many options, and this is one of those times.

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Review Netflix Advantages and Disadvantages – is it Worth it?.

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