The company’s IT infrastructure is the adequate equipment that the company has for the product market to which it belongs and thus serves the client in the best way. This “adequate equipment” is relative and depends on different factors when organizing that IT infrastructure, such as the size of the company, the market to which it belongs, and objectively the type of clients it serves, among many other factors.
A company requires adequate administration, action plans, a human team, and an organizational structure to carry out its activities. One of the most severe factors that a company needs is equipment: its IT infrastructure.

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What is IT Infrastructure?

The company’s IT infrastructure ranges from the equipment with which they carry out production activities to the building where they work, making it clear that these equipment, assets, or spaces must belong to the company.

The Structure, the Hardware, and the Software

The Structure of the IT Infrastructure of a Company

We mention the structure to refer to those things that fulfill IT infrastructure functions as necessary as serving as support to put or hang something. They remain required, yes, it is true. Still, they are not comparable to what is functional and essential as a computer or a server is today, both for the business directly or as administrative or operational support.

The Hardware of the Business Infrastructure

One of the main factors of a profitable business IT infrastructure is the Hardware because it supports the operation in the modern era. What is Hardware? Hardware is all that physical computer equipment, the one that you can touch with your hands. For example, the screen from where you are reading this, the keyboard, mouse, the Router with which you get internet, the old or modern cell phone, any device that runs a computer system.

 The Software of the IT Infrastructure of a Company

For this Hardware to be of such high value these days, it needs its ideal complement: Software. Software is that program that is supported by the characteristics of the Hardware.

It would be simpler for practical purposes to define the Software as that program. With which you are reading this article on IT infrastructure. Still, in this case, some programs run or support other programs, such as the operating system. Which shows you images, colors, and forms when you turn on your computer or phone. And then from that web browser has been able to enter Network.

Now, at the enterprise level in the category of infrastructure, The Software takes on much more value. Because at this time, it is in the Software where the administrative tools work. And a large market share of the operational mechanisms of the companies. Such as accounting software, user service, information transfer, files and even the movement of money in bank. And non-bank accounts such as virtual stores.

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