iPhone Xs or iPhone XR? – Which Mobile to Buy

iPhone Xs or iPhone XR? - Which Mobile to Buy

The differences between the iPhone Xs and Xr are essential, but the price difference can be essential to choose one of them.

The new iPhone Xr is now on sale, Apple’s “cheap” phone that, in many ways, is almost a copy of the iPhone Xs, but with enough differences to put you in a bind when deciding what to buy.

Apple announced three iPhones in an information-packed presentation. When the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max has out in the market, many of the people who tested the iPhone Xr briefly commented that we should wait and see what Apple’s “cheap” model offers.

In many respects, the iPhone XR and the iPhone Xs are almost the same equipment. Still, although important, the differences are not so much for the majority of possible users.

These are their differences.

The Screen

While the iPhone Xs and Xs Max use the same display technology as the original iPhone X, an OLED panel, the iPhone Xr has a “Liquid Retina” LCD screen. Yes, when you compare one with the other, you realize that the OLED panel does a lot. It has deeper colors, a higher brightness, and generally looks much better. But this is not to say that the iPhone XR screen is terrible.

When compared, the screen of the iPhone XR is like that of an iPhone 8. You can barely see the pixels; it has a good color calibration and brightness level.

We went from 5.8 inches on the iPhone Xs to 6.1 inches on the iPhone XR, but the difference here is more important, as the iPhone XR has much larger edges.


The iPhone XR is a much more striking device than the iPhone Xs because of its colors. Apple usually chooses what colors to add to its equipment, something it did not do since the old iPhone 5c.

A curious detail is that Apple has launched this new iPhone without any official protective case, and we do not think it is because they are so proud of those colors, but because they have not arrived in time.

In addition to being more extensive, the iPhone XR has more prominent black edges than the iPhone Xs. The size is more extensive, and the screen does not take advantage of the front as much, but it is one of those details that drives those who are most obsessed with design crazy and that, in the long run, go unnoticed.

The Cameras

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max consume dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 apertures with a telephoto lens, two-tone flash, and Smart HDR to capture images with better dynamic range. Also, the use of two cameras allows taking photos with a portrait effect (bokeh) natively since the second sensor has stood used to capture extra information.

Only a rear camera in the iPhone XR, 12 megapixels f / 1.8, and 1.4 µm pixels. That is, it captures better photos in low light by having larger pixels. Despite only having one camera, Apple uses a software trick to determine where people’s faces or silhouettes are and blur the background. Apple has created an excellent algorithm through testing, although it will not work with other elements or animals.

In the front camera, it is the same, 7 megapixels f / 2.2.

The Price

Photo: Apple

The price difference is significant between these two phones. A 64GB iPhone Xs costs 1,159 euros, but it is a relatively small capacity that, in the long run, with photos and videos in 4K, will force you to transfer it to cloud services such as iCloud or Google Photos. Perhaps the most recommended capacity is 256GB, but we already went to 1,329 euros.

Meanwhile, the 64GB iPhone Xr costs 859 euros, 300 euros less than the iPhone Xs. Please put it in context according to your needs. Think that an iCloud account to upload your 200GB photos costs 35.88 euros a year, more than enough for most, and to make a backup of your memories.

If you decide to increase the iPhone XR capacity, you can choose 128GB, which is a more recommended capacity, and the terminal will cost 919 euros, which is still a saving of 240 euros.

Considering the differences in the quality of the iPhone XR photos, this is undoubtedly the phone for most users who want to buy an iPhone this year. The dual camera and OLED screen are very cool features, but think about it, is it worth $ 300 more?


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