How To Download ibomma Akhanda Movie Online Free [2023]

ibomma akhanda- Akhanda 2021 is an action drama film directed by Boyapati Srinu. So the film’s cast includes Nandamuri Balakrishna and Pragya Jaiswal in the lead roles, along with Jagapathi Babu, Srikanth, Poorna, Avinash, Subbaraju, Sai Kumar,  Sravan and Prabhakar in supporting roles.

Furthermore, The music was composed by S. Thaman, while the camera was done by C. Ram Prasad and edited by Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao. So the film ibomma akhanda produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy under the banner of Dwaraka Creations.

Ibomma Akhanda Movie online


How to Watch Ibomma Akhanda Movie Online


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ibomma Akhanda – Story

Murali Krishna (Balakrishna) is a farmer from the Anantapur district trying to end the division and bring peace to Rayalaseema.

So Murali Krishna will do anything to save the pawns from him no matter the difficulties.

However, Saranya (Pragya Jaiswal) comes to the same district as the Collector after observing Muralikrishna’s character and caring about people, and she immediately takes a liking to him. So both Muralikrishna and Saranya are married and blessed with a girl child.

Varadarajulu (Srikanth) grew up as an illegal mining mafia, but Murali Krishna is an obstacle to Varadarajulu’s activities. But Muralikrishna is arrested in a case under the influence of political influence in the region.

However,  at the same time, Saranya was suspended from the department. Varadarajulu is now trying to kill Muralikrishna’s daughter.

Who is Akanda in Akhanda Movie Story? What is the reason why Akanda becomes overwhelming Aghora?

What is the reason for the sudden arrival of the Anantapur district? Who rescued the family and daughter of Murali Krishna in distress?

What does Muralikrishna have in common? How did Akanda put an end to the irregularities of Varadarajulu? What is the role of Jagapathi Babu, Saikumar and Prabhakar in Akhanda? The answer to all these questions is the narrative of cinema ibomma Akhanda.

ibomma Akhanda  Release

The Akhanda movie hit theatres on 2nd December 2021. However, the digital distribution rights to the film ibomma Akhanda bought by Disney+ Hotstar for Rs 15 crore, premiered on Hotstar on 21st January 2022.

In addition, Star Maa bought the film’s satellite right, and its premiere scheduled for February 27, 2022.

ibomma Akhanda – Points in favour

It’s been a long time since fans have seen Balayya in a powerful avatar, and much to his delight, Boyapati Sreenu treats them to a full meal by featuring Balayya in a dual role in a never-before-seen avatar.

Balayya lives up to his roles, but the character of Akhanda that fans will love the most. So Balayya as Aghora plays on another level in the film ibomma Akhanda. However, whether it’s his on-screen presence, dialogue, or intense gaze, Balayya is solid and impresses everyone.

One of the film’s ibomma Akhanda greatest assets is Thaman’s BGM.

So without Thaman, the film would not have looked like he did.

However, Thaman’s BGM for all the Elevation episodes is terrific. Besides, Pragya Jaiswal lands a good role and makes the most of it.

So Kalakeya Prabhakar is wordy even as a ruthless policeman.

However last but not least, Srikanth is wild in the negative role. So he surprises everyone with his on-screen presence and gives Balayya a good fight. But his screen time is limited.

The first half is incredible, and the way Balayya sets the two characters free is just great. So the movie is full of fun moments, and the Jai Balayya song is just the icing on the cake.

ibomma Akhanda  Cons

As in all of Boyapati’s films, there isn’t much of a story in the movie ibomma Akhanda. So there are no basic twists, and you know exactly what will happen next.

However, the first half is quite long, although the fights are good.

Akhanda’s problem lies in his second half. So Once Akhanda’s character enters, there is no strong resistance against him.  However, a proper increase in villains would have made things even better.

The emotional point is lost a bit in the second half, as the point of view of the family and mother seems forced on the viewer. So too many fights in this half is also a problem.

However, the fights are good, and they seem repetitive here after a point.

ibomma Akhanda  Technical aspects

As mentioned above, Thaman brought the film ibomma Akhanda to life with his work. Besides, of particular note is the way the fights choreographed. So they get fans several adrenaline-charged moments.

However, the dialogues are in typical Boyapati style, and the way Balayya articulates them is also excellent.

In addition, Balayya dances, lyrics and costumes are also good. But the film can cut for at least ten minutes to keep things sharp.

Coming to director Boyapati, who lived up to the hype and gave fans what they were missing. So he wrote two powerful characters for Balayya and presented them brilliantly.

However, the result would have been better if he had had an even more vital point of conflict in the second half. Though he went overboard with logic and combat in his last movie, he addressed those flaws.

ibomma Akhanda  Verdict

Overall, Akhanda is a feast for hardcore fans, and Balayya gives them plenty of moments to cherish with his impressive performance.

However, the story is boring, and the violence in the second half is excessive.

Although,  Akhanda is a type of movie that class audiences may have trouble with. But since it’s been a long time since Biggie hit theatres, crowds are sure to soak it up as ibomma Akhanda fills up with Balayya’s massive masala avatar like never before.


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