What’s more, videos today have become a worldwide phenomenon, and she is responsible for much of this. Every day, more people who, in addition to consuming cinematographic files, decide to create a YouTube channel, where they upload their private videos and share them with their support system or community.

In accumulation, if you have a company or Business, this could be another ideal platform to integrate into your digital marketing plan (if your products’ operation requires a more detailed explanation). Therefore, given the distinction it has in our lives, I think it is worth seeing its exact definition if you do not know it yet:

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What is YouTube?YouTube

YouTube is a digital display place designed to host videos that users can consume every time they want. Over and done with it, you can also broadcast live videos and best them to share later.

Therefore, we could think through it as a type of on-demand television, in addition to an audiovisual social network, since you can allow other users to subscribe to your channel and comment on your content to obtain feedback from your followers and subscribers.

From what you have read so far, surely you have already guessed the essential utility of this platform, which is none other than watching and broadcasting videos over the Internet.

How was YouTube Born? Brief History of this Audiovisual Platform

As you have seen in this video of “Draw my Life,” YouTube was born in February 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, three former PayPal workers, who conceived it as a platform host audiovisual content.

The idea is said to have arisen from these three friends’ difficulties in sharing the videos they had note down at a party. The obvious is to create and host a website wherever this type of content could remain shared.

In 2006, the great potential that this page would have was acquired by Google for a price of 1.65 billion dollars in advance.

To this day, the real economic value of this platform is arguably priceless.

What Benefits can YouTube bring to the Digital Strategy of my Business?

Going a little deeper and, from a corporate point of view, I could tell you that it is also an audiovisual portal where you can share the content of a different nature than that discussed so far.

Some of the advantages of this portal are the following:

Show your Audiovisual Works

Whether you are a freelance professional or are part of a company or Business and your services are audiovisual, in addition to creating a Web or Blog where you show all your creations. You may need to make a sample of everything you know how to do more visual.

In this way, you could create your professional channel and carry out step-by-step video tutorials as a demonstrative «portfolio.»

Hold your own Online Congress

In line with the previous point, if as a Brand or independent professional you consider it useful for your audience to organize or do a Webinar where you can publicize an area of ​​your specialty in greater detail.

Or, you can even take the opportunity to promote one of your latest products.

In accumulation, in my case, I organize two annual online congresses, which are free and where several of the best professionals in Internet Business gather, in addition to being able to attend people from all over the world.

The last editions were:

  • Monetize17
  • Position18

Present equally cases, the live program was over and done with YouTube, given the straightforwardness of accessing it from anywhere globally, now this case, Spanish-speaking.

Increase the Online Visibility of your Business

Predictably, this network receives more than 1,900 million visits per month worldwide, with an average number of more than 5,000 million daily video reproductions. With these figures, you can deduce that each citizen plays an average of 4 videos a day in technologically advanced countries.

Approximately studies place this platform as the third most visited website globally, ahead of other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. In fact, in terms of videos, the figures for this platform even exceed those of Netflix.

For this reason, this could be the network where you can upload your business videos and give them greater visibility on the Internet. Both in case you have just started your digital venture or are now a reference in your sector.

As with your website’s contents concerning Google, you must optimize your SEO Positioning so that the investment in creating quality videos from a paid or free video editor is as profitable as possible.

How to Position your Videos on Google?

Provide your Business a more “Casual” Touch

Most of the society who use this portal make sure of so to search for content on topics that interest them and, most of the time, they do it on music video clips, fun content and, in general, to spend some leisure time.

Therefore, again from a business point of view, you could take advantage of these user preferences to upload somewhat less severe. and more casual content to your channel. You are approaching your target audience in a different way than what you remain perhaps accustomed to with articles from your corporate blog.

It will increase your empathy with them and improve your brand’s branding.

How does YouTube Work, and What can you Do?

As I have already told you before, this social network not only allows you to watch videos of almost all kinds and topics. It has many other possibilities and functionalities.

Regarding its internal functioning, I must tell you that it is a digital service that hosts the videos you intend to upload to the channel you have previously created in the cloud, just like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Now addition to uploading your videos, as I mentioned before, you can:

1. Subscribe to another Person’s or Company’s Channel

The stand allows you to subscribe to other channels and remain notified when the user in question uploads a new video.

You can see this notice when you enter the YouTube website or even as a report on your mobile device if you have it constituted.

2. Comment and give «like» to the Stuffing of other Users

You can make comments on the videos you have seen and express your estimation by using likes or dislikes. Now this way, you can give feedback to those liable for the channel.

3. Use the Videos on your Network Platform

Now, you have a blog. For example, you want to illustrate one of your articles with more visual details from another professional who has previously recorded it. And you think your content complements it correctly. You can also do it from here.

YouTube gives you the possibility to “embed” its HTML code. Through an iframe to integrate it, for example, into your WordPress.

4. Broadcast Live

As I have explained previously, you can also broadcast live videos, both personal and of your brand or Business. It is an ideal public relations element in conferences and events. Which you can bring closer to people who cannot be physically present.

5. Monetize your Digital Project

Why not? You can also earn money to complete this platform. Since it allows you to have a “Partner Account” to integrate advertising to get an extra income.

I am sure you have already heard about ” YouTubers. “Who are nothing more than people who make a living with the benefits that this portal brings them. And who also gives them the possibility of working from home in a 100% way online.

6. Choose the Privacy of your Content

Finally, you can choose if the video will be public, private, or if it will remain hidden. If it remains a general video, it will appear in searches on the platform.

Uncertainty is a private video. A password will remain obligatory to access it. Though it is hidden, it can only remain seen by having the link that leads to it.

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